In Her Own Words: One Student’s SAT® Success Story

Success Stories-SAT
Attaining the right SAT® score requires a lot of hard work and planning. See how UWorld helped a high school senior improve her overall score.
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Success Stories-SAT
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Sahana R., a rising high school senior, details her experience using UWorld’s College Prep online learning tool and how it improved her overall score . . .

Hi. I’m Sahana, and I’m a rising senior. I found out about UWorld the summer before my junior year when I was searching online for online test prep. And on Reddit, I came across UWorld, and all the users are really talking about how great the website is and that their scores improved drastically.

So, I decided to do the free trial and within two weeks, my overall SAT® score had improved by 200 points. So, I really enjoyed UWorld, and I kept using it for about a month. I did like 40 to 50 math questions a day and did like five passages of Reading and Writing a day, and I improved my score, like, immensely.

For example, I went from scoring six or seven wrong on the Non-Calculator section of Math on the SAT to only getting two wrong each time on practice tests and even on the real test.

So, I really liked UWorld because it was extremely personalized so I could change the difficulty level, the amount of questions I wanted to do a day, and the explanations really helped me see why I got certain questions wrong and how to prevent mistakes in the future with similar types of questions.

So, I really recommend UWorld to any students who like to self-study at the comfort of their own home, at the library, etc., and who want to work hard and see drastic results of within a few weeks. So, I really enjoy working in UWorld.

Are you looking to improve your ACT score? If so, UWorld can help. Challenging practice questions, detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers, and digital performance tracking are just a part of what makes their ACT and SAT test prep second to none. Students are raving about the higher scores they’ve achieved after discovering UWorld. Make your dream score a reality today.

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