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It’s tough juggling AP classes and all of your other responsibilities. Private tutors are expensive, especially when taking multiple exams. You may level up a bit with AP exam prep books, but grinding through them won’t effectively get you your top score. That’s why we’re here to help you master your classes and exams -- on your schedule, at your pace, and at an affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though many colleges across the country provide credit for a 3 on the AP Macroeconomics exam, the most competitive schools are more selective. If your goal is to guarantee a score of 5, the best way to prepare is to take an AP Macroeconomics practice exam early in your course to establish a baseline for your performance. Taking an AP Macro practice exam gives you insight into the difficulty level of the multiple choice questions and the free-response question rubric. Plus, by reviewing your incorrect answers you will see in which areas of the course you require more focused practice. One of the best ways to ensure you do well on the exam is to use UWorld’s QBank for AP Macroeconomics as your preparation resource. Research shows deeper levels of comprehension and retention are achieved by learning in short lessons over a period of time. We recommend giving yourself at minimum 30 days to test prep if you are aiming for a 3 and longer if you’re aiming higher.
Our AP Macroeconomics practice questions align with what you’ll see on the AP Macro exam. Plus, we offer in-depth explanations that truly help you master the concepts on which you’ll be tested. Our metrics dashboard makes it easy to assess your initial performance using one of our digital AP Macro practice exams, then you’ll instantly see your growth areas, and track your improvements. Our system is flexible enough to use as you take the course to review material as you learn it or to study immediately ahead of the exam.
Talk to any of our users, read any of our testimonials, and you will hear over and over again how much of a difference our practice tests, explanations, and performance dashboard made in students’ score improvement. In particular, the depth of our explanations allow you to learn from your mistakes, clear up misconceptions, and build an understanding of how to approach similar questions.
The UWorld AP Macroeconomics review mirrors the course content covered in the AP Macroeconomics curriculum. Topics include basic economic concepts, economic indicators and the business cycle, national income and price determination, financial markets, consequences of stabilization policies and international trade. By practicing with questions which reinforce the topics and skills you learn in class, you will be able to boost your knowledge to achieve a strong performance on the AP exam.
A score of 3 or more indicates you are qualified to receive college credit or placement for a parallel course at many colleges and universities. Each institution has unique AP credit conversion policies. Keep in mind that while many colleges accept a 3+, highly selective schools may only take 4 or 5 point scores for credit waivers.

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