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UWorld’s expertly crafted college prep resources are the trusted choice for high school students aiming to score high on the SAT®, ACT®, and AP® exams. With our exam-like practice questions and detailed performance-tracking tools, we'll help guide you toward your dream college acceptance.
Digital SAT
Engage with interactive questions tailored to reflect the test’s format, helping to boost your confidence.
Enhance your problem-solving skills and timing with precision-crafted questions that simulate the real test.
Leverage expertly curated content to master complex topics and excel in your AP courses and exams.

Everything You Need to Get a Top Score on Your Exams

We specialize in simplifying complex concepts with clear illustrations, tables, and media that will help put you at ease when taking the real exam. Research shows that stress chemicals released before exams can actually decrease your performance by up to 15%. Our realistic exam simulations use scientifically backed methods such as active learning to grow your knowledge and build confidence efficiently so you stay calm and focused under pressure on test day.
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Thousands of High-Return Practice Questions

Our focused question banks, crafted by experienced AP educators and subject matter experts, reflect the latest content from College Board® and ACT® exams, with our pre-med science content authored by medical experts.

Deepen Your Understanding

Our content-rich explanations help you easily grasp important ideas using clear language and vivid visuals while also breaking down each possible answer so you avoid common trick choices.

Feel More Relaxed

Our interactive designs mimic the format and conditions of each test, ensuring everything feels familiar on exam day. Use the optional timer function to practice handling time pressure.

Rapidly Boost Scores with Time-Saving Technology

Reduce test prep stress and save valuable study time by quickly zeroing in on specific topics and skills, strengthening weaknesses, and monitoring your progress using our advanced analytics dashboard.

Enhance Your Study Techniques

Tailor your study sessions using flashcards equipped with spaced-repetition technology and a digital notebook for effortless recall of information on exam day.

Choose UWorld College Prep If You Are:

Just Getting Started

Embark confidently on your exam prep journey with our structured resources and guidance. We lay the foundation, building your knowledge and confidence from day one.

At a Plateau

Elevate beyond score plateaus with targeted analytics and practice. Our adaptive learning technology identifies and tackles your weakest points, propelling you to your dream score.


Efficient, flexible study solutions seamlessly fit into your hectic life, ensuring progress without sacrificing your other commitments. They’re perfect when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities.

Not A "Good Test Taker"

Overcome the pitfalls of multiple-choice exams with our strategic practice questions. Learn to easily navigate trick questions, turning your knowledge into high scores.

Retaking the Exam

Tailored feedback and focused practice help pinpoint and correct past mistakes. Turn your previous experience into a stepping stone for success on your next attempt.

Stressed By the Clock

Develop time management mastery with our timed practice tests. Learn to manage exam stress, ensuring peak performance when every second counts on test day.

There’s a reason why over 2 million students trust UWorld for their high-stakes exam prep.

From Top SAT Scores to Leading Med Schools

UWorld made a big difference in my life. It allowed me to adequately prepare for the SAT and receive a good score on the exam. As a result, I was able to apply to more selective institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Columbia and get acceptances from all of them.
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What You'll Love About Studying With UWorld

We’re here to help you on your journey to college and beyond. See why millions of students worldwide trust UWorld’s college prep courses to help them do their best.

Exam-Like Questions

Our expert teachers thoughtfully designed realistic practice questions that are just as challenging as the actual exam, giving you confidence on test day.

Detailed Explanations

Research shows visuals significantly boost memory, with a 65% retention rate. Our detailed visual explanations deepen learning plus enhance understanding and recall.

Performance Tracking

Monitor and analyze your progress as you practice, enabling you to understand precisely where you stand and identify the areas that require improvement.

Learning Aids

Boost exam day recall with customized spaced-repetition flashcards and a digital notebook. Access instant tips with hints, definitions, and alternate problem-solving methods.

Customizable Practice

Make your own practice tests on any topic and assess how you do with real exam timing to ace every question. Study your way, whenever, wherever.

Affordable & Flexible

Choose a package that will help you reach your goals. You pick the courses and the subscription lengths that work for you.

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From individual tutors to school districts, we offer bulk pricing on our suite of college readiness solutions. We’ll work with you to customize a package to fit your needs.
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