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UWorld's ACT® Self Assessment Practice Tests

Dive into UWorld's Practice Tests and feel like you're taking the real ACT®! Our mock tests are meticulously designed to emulate the appearance and content of the actual exam. Mix them into your ACT study plan to check how ready you are and pump up your confidence for exam day.

UWorld ACT Mock Tests: Your Shortcut to Success

Get a feel for what the real ACT will be like, thanks to questions crafted by UWorld's team of experienced educators and ACT experts. Each question is designed to match or surpass the difficulty of the actual exam and is updated to reflect the latest testing standards.


Engage in realistic ACT self-assessment practice tests optimized to predict your exam-day performance.

Real-Exam Feel, Stress-Free

High-quality ACT-style questions and visuals crafted to feel like the real exam, minus the pressure

Targeted Practice

Monitor your progress, then pinpoint your weak spots so you can transform them into strengths.

Up-to-date Content

Our education specialists continuously update materials to align with the latest ACT standards.

Timed Practice

Get used to the pressure of exam day with detailed time-per-question analysis and countdown clocks.


Extended time, high-contrast modes, adjustable text sizes, and multi-highlighter ensure inclusivity.

Get Set to Score Higher with UWorld

Study smarter, not harder. With our QBank, you can speed up your learning, improve your memory retention, and reach your dream score faster. Dive into your ACT exam preparation with our user-friendly digital tools designed to make studying less of a chore.

Trustworthy Predictive Scoring

Step up to the ACT feeling confident! Get a crystal-clear picture of how ready you are for every part of the ACT, thanks to a scoring system designed by education and psychometrics experts.

Trustworthy Predictive Scoring

In-depth Performance Analysis

In-depth Performance Analysis

Nail your ACT game plan with our instant report that breaks down how you did—subject by subject, topic by topic. Use this to zero in on where you need to level up, turning those tricky spots into total wins.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Slide our cool visuals and notes right into your spaced-repetition flashcards. Sort them your way—by topic, subtopic, or your own tags—and hit the books wherever, whenever.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

ACT Success Stories

Flexible Pricing Options to Meet Your Needs

Practice until you're confident on test day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you purchased the ACT mock tests individually or snagged them with your QBank purchase, find them waiting for you on your learning dashboard. Just a heads-up: they need their own activation, separate from the QBank. Once you activate them, you’ve got two weeks to dive in and complete them.
Kick off your ACT prep by taking your first mock test right out of the gate before you start studying. Then, keep the momentum going with a mid-prep check-in to see how much you’ve progressed. Finally, before you dive into the big day, use that last test to boost your confidence.
Each ACT self-assessment test contains 215 questions.
Each UWorld ACT self-assessment test mirrors the actual ACT test duration, lasting 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Crafted by experts in psychometrics and education, the scoring system for the ACT self-assessment practice tests thoroughly assesses your skills across different sections, question types, and difficulty levels. This approach guarantees a reliable and precise evaluation of how ready you are for your upcoming ACT test.
Absolutely! You can buy up to 3 ACT self-assessment practice tests.
UWorld CollegePrep’s ACT self-assessment practice tests are valuable checkpoints within your study plan. It’s wise to schedule them strategically. Begin your ACT preparation with an initial practice exam to pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement. Midway through your preparation, take another to assess your progress. Then, close to exam day, complete a final practice test to reinforce the knowledge you’ve gained. Finishing all three mock tests not only increases your chances of success but also boosts your confidence as exam day approaches.
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