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The Secret to Scoring a 1600 on the Digital SAT

Welcome to a new era of SAT test preparation. The SAT is going digital. And we’re here to make sure you are ready for the updates. Our Digital SAT practice test interface emulates the actual Digital SAT, so you’ll know what to expect on test day. Get your dream Digital SAT score without expensive tutors, gimmicks, or shortcuts.

With over 20 years of experience empowering people to conquer some of the most challenging tests in the world, we've discovered three essential secrets to reaching your highest possible score:


Practice effectively with
realistic exam-like questions.


Explore why you got an answer wrong and how to get it right the next time.


Study efficiently. Target what you don't know, then review what you already know.

Why Practice with UWorld Digital SAT Prep

Hundreds of Exam-Like Questions

  • Practice using questions and an interface that mirror the real Digital SAT.
  • Our Digital SAT practice questions are carefully crafted by subject-matter experts.
  • We make content that is at or above the difficulty of the exam so you'll be confident and comfortable answering every question you will see on test day.

Enhanced Learning

  • Detailed answer explanations help you learn why an answer is right or wrong.
  • Retain more of what you learn with our industry leading illustrations.
  • Understand concepts at a deeper level with our step-by-step problem-solving guidance.

Targeted Test Prep

  • Create personalized Digital SAT practice tests tailored to your needs, whether that’s all math, all reading and writing, or a combo of both.
  • Focus on topics and question types requiring extra attention to maximize your test-prep time.
  • Decide how many questions you practice with each day based on your preferred study schedule.

Adaptable Study Aids

  • Optimize your test prep with our built-in study tools designed to mimic the Digital SAT app, including a customizable timer, and formula sheets.
  • Create flashcards, highlights, and annotations to improve retention and recall by capturing your thoughts and reactions about critical parts of questions and answers.

Convenient Access

  • Our digital-first approach to test prep enables you to study anywhere, whether you’re at home on your laptop or on the go with a tablet or mobile device.
  • Get immediate feedback on each question by reviewing our research-based explanations.
  • Build your speed using the timer once you’ve mastered test concepts.

Personalized Performance Tracking

  • Analyze your score reports to help build yourself a personalized study-plan.
  • Identify your areas of improvement to save time and energy on test prep.
  • Measure your progress against fellow UWorlders to get a sense of how you compare with your peers.

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Practice Digital SAT Questions Anywhere at Any Time

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Practice Digital SAT Questions Anywhere at Any Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Starting in 2023, the SAT will be administered digitally to international test takers. From 2024 onward, the Digital SAT will replace the paper-and-pencil SAT in the United States.
The Digital SAT will significantly differ from the traditional paper SAT in terms of test format and duration. Learn everything about the new structure in our overview of the New Digital SAT.
UWorld prep courses empower students with both knowledge and time-management skills. Our Digital SAT practice tests mimic the actual exam to familiarize you with the question and test interface formats. Our practice tests also have a customizable timer, and reference and formula sheets to give you a real-time testing experience.
Yes. This course prepares you for everything you need to get a high score on the Digital SAT. Our subject-matter experts and educators scour the exam to create UWorld’s Digital SAT Question Bank that covers every topic and question type you will see in both the Math and Reading & Writing sections. We’ve designed a realistic practice interface that mimics what you will see on exam day, including the built-in tools. Build confidence in your ability to answer questions correctly and navigate the online test structure using UWorld.
You can create an unlimited number of personalized Digital SAT practice tests. Generate a fresh test using specific topics, customized tags, or questions you previously answered incorrectly.

Spend as much time as you need to understand what the question asks of you. Identify the topics and question types you answered incorrectly using our performance tracking tools. These areas present you with the most opportunity to improve your score.

As you become familiar with the question types, incorporate time limits to simulate the actual SAT experience. Remember that the best results come with consistent short study sessions, ideally no longer than an hour, combined with practice over several months.

You sure can! UWorld’s Digital SAT practice tests can be taken from any device, so you can test prep on the go.
These practice tests meet or exceed the official digital SAT’s difficulty level and content quality to prepare you for exam day.

Yes. Whether your goal is to score a perfect 1600 or to increase your Digital SAT score by 100 points, test prep gives you a framework to boost your performance and reduce potential exam-day anxieties. Practicing in an online testing environment will help you adapt to reading passages, answering questions, and managing your time on a screen.

Our system provides a realistic interface that mimics the Digital SAT that is:

  • Straightforward: Easily understand difficult concepts with our best-in-class answer explanations.
  • Flexible: Focus your attention on the areas where you have the most opportunity for growth using our customizable tools and performance tracking.
  • Convenient: Access the platform via the web or app at home or on the go.

We recommend you start preparing at least six months to a year before your Digital SAT test date. However, many students start their test prep one to three months before the test. Practicing consistently over an extended period will help you get the highest scores, but you can see improvement with as little as a month of study.

Get help creating a Digital SAT study plan tailored to your needs with our SAT study guide.

At UWorld, we ensure that our practice tests give you the feel of the real Digital SAT in both test format and content, so nothing surprises you on exam day. Our students become familiar with the test structure, types of questions, and time constraints, enhancing their preparedness.

One of the secrets to effective test prep is understanding why you got an answer wrong and how to get it right next time. UWorld’s Digital SAT practice questions closely mimic the format and difficulty level of actual exams. Each question comes with a comprehensive answer explanation, ensuring that you grasp the underlying concepts and reasoning correctly from the start.

From the custom-tailored interface, which mimics the Digital SAT, to the specialized tools we offer to enhance your practice and learning, our system is the most efficient way to boost your performance on this key college entrance exam.

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