AP® Exams Registration, Cost And Eligibility

If you are a high school student and are planning to take AP® exams, staying up to date with information about the exams is very important. This page highlights some of the critical points concerning AP Exam eligibility requirements, registration, and the cost of each AP exam.

AP Exam Eligibility

AP exams are a great option if you’re looking for a flexible way to ramp up your college game. This flexibility applies to both the eligibility criteria to take each exam and the choice of subjects offered. Students can take AP exams starting as early as 10th grade. You can take any of the 38 subjects that are offered, and there is no limit on the number of AP exams you can take in a year. The most significant advantage of taking AP exams is that you can combine multiple subjects and mix-and-match courses to have greater flexibility when pursuing higher education. Let’s dive deeper into the eligibility requirements for AP exams to help you start planning your course of study.

Who can take the AP exams?

Students worldwide who are in high school can take AP exams. In general, students in 11th and 12th grade should consider taking the exams. In some cases, students take AP exams during their 9th or 10th grade. However, if taking exams early is something in which you are interested, you want to carefully consider if you are sufficiently prepared to tackle a college-level course at this age.

In addition to high school students, students in college and adults choosing to return to college can also take AP exams, because the College Board® has not set an upper age limit for taking the AP tests. The flexibility of the AP program also allows home-schooled students to take the exam! Reach out to your nearest AP center or call the AP services to register yourself today.

Can international students take the AP exams?

International students who are not citizens of the USA can take AP exams provided they have a valid passport or another valid, government-issued ID. Schools recommend taking AP exams in your 11th or 12th grade, although taking the exams as early as 9th and 10th grade gives you the option of retaking exams if you are not happy with your initial AP scores.

AP Exam Registration

After knowing your eligibility requirements, your next step is to learn the nitty-gritty of the AP exam registration process. This section answers all your queries about AP exam registration procedures and steps to take if you wish to cancel your registration.

When to register for AP exams in 2023?

For 2023, the AP Exams will be administered in schools over two weeks, from May 1–5 and May 8–12. The College Board has scheduled October 4, Tuesday, as the recommended date to complete enrollments in AP Registration and to order exams. Note that the registration dates vary from school to school. Get in touch with your AP coordinator to find out the specific registration date for your center.

Can anyone register for an AP exam?

Anyone in high school who wishes to take AP exams can register for an exam with a valid I.D. issued by the government or school. However, it is recommended that students who are academically ready should take the exams.

How to register yourself for the AP exam?

To register for your AP exam, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on The College Board website.
  • Sign in to the “My AP” section and make sure you have joined the “My Class” section online if your high school offers AP classes. If you haven’t joined yet, talk to your AP coordinator or teacher. They will provide you with a unique code to enter in the “join a course or exam” option.
  • Once the code is entered, it will open a pop-up showing your high school name, the course or exam you are taking, and the name of your AP teacher.
  • Once you are sure you are in the correct class, click “Yes” and fill out your registration information; click on “Save,” and you are all set!
  • To review your course and exam details, you can always go back to your “My AP” page and scroll through the details.

Your school may require you to enter your exam registration manually. If this is the case, click on the “Register” button in your class section view on the “My AP” page after enrolling in your class sections. Doing this will let your AP coordinator know that you plan to take the exam, and they will order it for you. If you don’t see this option, it means you’ve automatically been registered for the exam.

Alternatively, if you are interested in taking an online AP course, or your high school does not offer a course you are interested in, please call AP services at 888-225-5427 or email them using an online form. They will be able to guide you through the sign-up process and also order the exam kit on your behalf.

When is the deadline for AP exam registration?

The official deadline to register for the 2023 AP exams is Tuesday, November 15, 2022. However, most high schools establish their own deadlines for late AP exam registration, so always remember to check the deadline for registration with your school beforehand.

If you pass the deadline to register, it is still possible to register, although you will be subject to a late fee. However, if your class does not commence until spring, or if you are changing your school, communicate with your AP coordinator, and you might be exempted from a late fee!

  • For payment of the exam fees, talk to your AP coordinator.
  • After you have finished registering for an exam, the date and time of your exam will appear in your “My AP” section. Be sure to talk to your AP coordinator in case you need any clarification regarding the 2023 AP exam schedule or anything else.
  • Your AP coordinator will notify you about the time and place to report for your exams.

Be sure to stay up to date on your assignments, practice your skills, and get that perfect AP score!

Can I cancel my AP exam registration?

Yes, you can cancel your registration for an AP exam. However, you might be charged a cancellation fee and only be issued a partial refund for the canceled exam. Schools vary in their policies and deadlines for canceling registration for AP exams. Remember to check with your school or your AP test center for further details.

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AP Exam Cost & Fees

After you decide to take an AP exam, the next step is to learn everything about the cost of the exam, how to pay exam fees, if any late fees are applicable, and other payment-related questions. We’ve compiled for you many FAQs about the cost of taking AP exams in this section so that you have all the info you need in one place. Let’s roll!

How much do AP exams cost?

As of 2023, each AP exam costs $97 for regular subjects. However, your school could charge a different amount to cover the administration costs. Usually, the cost of the AP exam rises by $1 or $2 each year.

AP Exam Fee Structure
On-time orders
(By November 15, 2022)
  • $97 per exam at schools in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and DoDEA schools
  • $127 per exam everywhere else
  • $145 per exam for the AP Capstone Programs
Late orders
(November 16, 2022 - March 15, 2023)
$40 per exam in addition to base exam fee
Unused/canceled exam fee $40 per exam applicable to exams canceled in “AP Registration and Ordering” after November 15, 2022 and by March 15, 2023 (11:59 p.m. ET).
For eligible students requiring fee reduction School Rebate: $9 per exam
College Board Rebate: $35 per exam

How do I pay for an AP exam?

There are multiple ways to pay for your AP exam. The first option is to reach out to your AP coordinator, who will guide you through the fee submission process. AP exam fees are usually due after you’ve finished taking the AP exam. Alternatively, you can also pay your fees online through your school’s website. Many schools partner with third-party payment vendors like TotalRegistration and SchoolPay to collect exam fees. Reach out to your AP coordinator to learn how your school accepts payments for AP exams.

Why are AP exams so expensive?

The fees you pay to take AP exams are used to cover examiner charges, printing exam kits and transporting them worldwide, grading and scoring your AP answer sheets, and several additional costs. $96 may seem a bit high, but in context, it is much more affordable than paying hundreds of dollars for a single class at college, if you consider the average cost of getting college credit. The average cost per course at a public college is around $1336, and the average cost per course at a private college is around $3242. Additionally, students scoring threes, fours, and fives on their AP exams can enter higher-level education with credit already and end up graduating early, saving tons of tuition fees! Considering all these benefits, the $96 cost for AP exams seems like a great deal!

When are AP exam fees due?

The postmark deadline for submitting invoices and payments to the AP Program is June 15, 2023. Late payments may be charged a fee of $225. However, you do not owe the College Board any fee when ordering exams. Exam fees are only collected after the exams have been administered.

Is the AP exam fee refundable?

Yes, it is partially refundable, subject to deductions by your school and the College Board for unused exam kits and the expense to arrange for exam administration at test centers.

Is there a fee for unused AP exams?

Yes, there is a fee of $40 for an unused exam charged by the College Board. In addition, your institution may charge extra fees to cover the expenses of administering and ordering exams and arranging for exam accommodations.

Do you receive a refund if you cancel an AP exam?

If you have paid for an AP exam but did not take it, then you can ask for a partial refund minus the school administration charges. You will not be charged a cancellation fee for the unused exam kit by the College Board if you wish to cancel your order by November 15, 2022. However, if you cancel your AP exam order between November 16, 2022, and March 15, 2023, you will be charged a fee of $40 by the College Board. Please check with your AP coordinator to know if there are additional charges levied by your school for canceling your exam order.

Are AP exam fees tax deductible?

According to the IRS, AP costs are not considered as a tuition expense, hence they are not tax-deductible.

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