What Is On The SAT®
The SAT Syllabus and Important Topics to Know

The first step toward SAT® success is getting yourself familiar with the test's content. With the discontinuation of the SAT Subject tests in 2021, the College Board® has introduced a few changes to the SAT syllabus. To make things easier for you, we will cover what to expect on the SAT – the key SAT topics and concepts. We will also discuss the optional SAT Essay syllabus for those who want to take the test as part of the SAT School Day program.

SAT Test Syllabus

While the College Board has announced the release of digital SAT in 2023 for international students and 2024 for U.S. students, there are no significant changes from the paper-and-pencil SAT in the key concepts and skills tested. However, depending on which version of the SAT you want to take, there are some important things to remember about the topics and content domains.

Now that you know the topics, concepts, and what to expect on each section of the test, you can create an effective and targeted study schedule. Want help with creating a dedicated study schedule for your SAT? Check out our SAT Study Guide.

Knowing just the syllabus is not enough! Taking practice tests along with a dedicated study schedule is your key to SAT success. UWorld’s SAT Prep Course has thousands of practice problems for each SAT test covering all question types, to help you prepare confidently for the high-stakes exam. Use our performance tracking tools to see which topics and question types need the most work, and prepare smarter!

Make UWorld your study partner and take the first step toward success.
Right triangles and trigonometry illustration
SAT score report from UWorld
Finding the value of a variable with complex numbers

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