Looking for Test Prep for Your Child? Here’s What’s at Stake.

Looking for Test Prep for Your Child? Here’s What’s at Stake. Parent helping his teens with homework on laptops.
Parents, identify and utilize the very best SAT® and ACT® test-prep resource for your child. Read our Parent's Guide to ACT and SAT Prep. Out now!
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Looking for Test Prep for Your Child? Here’s What’s at Stake. Parent helping his teens with homework on laptops.
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The benefits of an optimum ACT® or SAT® score are significant – this is why the stakes are so high for these exams. When you, as a parent, identify and utilize the very best test-prep resource for your child, doors of opportunity begin to swing open.

To stay with the test-taking theme, here are three multiple-choice questions to see if you can recognize the benefits of a maximum SAT or ACT exam performance. Take your time, this is not a timed test. 🙂

Question #1: What is the immediate benefit when your child has practiced, studied and prepared for the ACT |SAT?

A) A perfect score is guaranteed.
B) You’ll be recognized as Parent of the Year.
C) Test-taking nerves lessen and academic confidence soars.

You’re off to a great start if you chose answer “C”.

Studies show that 16-20% of students have “high test anxiety” and another 18% deal with “moderately-high test anxiety.”* Such anxiety can cause a student to freeze up on test day, forgetting what he or she has learned.

This is one of the reasons test prep is so important. The right resource will mimic the actual exam and provide learning opportunities as your child practices. When the test day comes, he or she will be full of confidence and ready to perform at a high level.

Question #2: How does a high score on the ACT | SAT affect college acceptance?

A) No effect. Top colleges accept everybody.
B) Significant effect. Colleges and universities give considerable weight to ACT | SAT scores.
C) Overriding effect. The only thing a college considers is the ACT | SAT.

If you chose answer “B”, you’re acing this test!

Colleges look at a variety of factors when deciding which students to accept – GPA, class rank, extracurricular activities, college essay – but the ACT or SAT score carries significant weight.

In order to get into the school of his or her choice, it is imperative your child score well on these tests. Dream schools require dream scores.

Ok, last question. Are you ready?

Question #3: What is the financial benefit to an excellent ACT | SAT score?

A) Scholarship opportunities become available for top performers
B) A high score helps secure a student loan with lower interest rates
C) There is no benefit. I’ll have to set up a “Go Fund Me” no matter what

If you guessed answer “A”, give yourself a round of applause!

Along with other factors, a high score on the ACT | SAT makes your child stand out. Top schools are looking for top students, and they’ll offer scholarships to make sure they get those students. A high score on your child’s exam could bring significant financial savings with regards to future tuition.

These are three significant reasons why finding the right test prep for your child is so important. Preparing for high-stakes exams: 1) Builds student confidence, 2) Affects college acceptance, and 3) Potentially reduces the financial burden on families like yours.

UWorld can help your child get the help they need in preparing for an upcoming ACT or SAT exam. With over 4,200 practice questions that mimic the actual exam, detailed explanations that teach key concepts, and accurate score predictors, UWorld will give your child the knowledge and confidence to perform at his or her best on test day.

For more helpful tips and a checklist of things parents need to consider as part of the college readiness journey, access a free eBook here.

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