What Objectives Can You Achieve by Attempting the SATⓇ Test?

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You should know that the main reason colleges ask you to submit your SAT test results is so they can review a detailed understanding of your academic preparedness.

In deciding whether or not to take the SAT test, you may be wondering what other benefits the SAT exam has. You should know that taking the SAT can help you achieve some great objectives, like helping you qualify for scholarship opportunities, improving your chances of college acceptance, or operating as a tool for course placement in college.

Let’s take a look at a few popular SAT objectives:

1. Scholarships Opportunities

College can be incredibly expensive, so any opportunity to alleviate the cost should be on your radar. You should know that performing well on the SAT test can help you qualify for scholarship money or scholarship programs. You can apply for the College Board Opportunity Scholarship program, which offers test takers $5 million dollars a year to help pay for their college tuition.

The College Board also works with the National Merit Scholarship Program. This program includes an academic competition with scholarship and recognition awards.

Beyond the programs that are affiliated with the College Board, you can apply for scholarship opportunities directly through your college or university. Some schools offer financial aid based on your academic performance, and you may qualify for an academic scholarship by submitting your SAT test scores.

If you sign up for the College Board’s Student Search Service when you register for the SAT test, you will be invited to apply for scholarship programs affiliated with the SAT test. 

Whether you apply for a scholarship through a program affiliated with the College Board or apply for a scholarship through your college or university, you should know that a strong SAT score can improve your chances or help you qualify. 

2. College Acceptances

College admissions teams will use your scores (along with your application) to determine if you are a good fit for their school. If you are considering whether or not to take the SAT test, you should think about how submitting an SAT score offers the admission team a deeper look into who you are as a student. 

If you perform well on the SAT exam, you may decide to apply to colleges that you previously thought were out of your reach. If your GPA does not accurately reflect your academic strengths, consider how using your SAT score to supplement your application can broaden your opportunities. 

3. College Course Placement

You should also know that some colleges and universities will use your performance on the SAT test for college course placement. To determine which level of courses you fit into, you will typically take placement exams. These are common in determining which math and English courses you should be placed into for your first semester in college.

If you submit exceptional scores on the SAT test, you may be able to test out of introductory-level courses. Of course, your SAT score is only one part of your application, but if you are looking to prove that your academic skills are satisfactory for higher-level courses, then consider taking the SAT test. 

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