How to Verify Your SAT® Score

How to Verify Your SAT® Score

Your answer sheets are graded through scanning machines. It is recommended to use a pencil to fill the circle darkly and clearly to avoid any scanning errors. While the scoring process for the SAT exam is designed to be fair and accurate, you will have the option to request access to score verification tools from the College Board®. You can request these services when you register for the SAT exam and up until five months after your testing date. You can also complete an SAT Answer Verification Services Order Form, call customer service to request a score verification service, or order one online with your score report.

All of these resources for requesting score verification are available through your College Board account.

There are two options for score verification: 

  • Question and Answer Services
  • Student Answer Services

You can check the College Board website to see which verification services your testing date offers. Some testing dates offer both options; others only offer one score verification service.

If you verify your score through the Question and Answer Service, you will receive a copy of the questions asked and the answers you selected. You will also receive the correct answers to compare to your answers. This service also comes with an analysis of the difficulty of each question.

If you verify your score through Student Answer Services, you will receive a report of how you answered each question and an analysis of each questions’ type and difficulty.

You have the option to verify your multiple-choice exams or your handwritten essay through these processes. You may consider score verification if your performance was not what you expected. You may also qualify if you made a substantial error while marking answers, or if the Essay section on your online score report is blank or empty. You should know that you will not qualify for the verification process if you did not follow test guidelines for marking answers or writing the essay.

Fees for Verifying your scores

When you request hand score verification, your answer sheet is manually verified by an expert and you will be charged a fee of $55 for the multiple-choice exams and $55 for your handwritten essay. The verification fee is reduced to half if you used a fee waiver in the SAT exam.

If there is an error detected in the scanning and scoring of the exam, your marks may change and the verification fee will be refunded.

Hand score verification is very detailed, you can not ask for reassessment after that. If you are unhappy with the results and want to improve your SAT score, you can always retake the SAT exam.

Before retaking the SAT exam, ensure that you are fully prepared and confident to take the test. Analyze your weaknesses and focus on improving them. You can practice and improve various sections with UWorld SAT Prep courses.

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