How to Verify Your SAT® Score

SAT exam sheet with corrections after receiving SAT Score verification
When you score less than expected, try SAT® score verification! Read about SAT Question and Answer Service, Student and Answer Service and more.
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SAT exam sheet with corrections after receiving SAT Score verification
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While the scoring process for the SAT® is designed to be fair and accurate, there may be scenarios where your score is quite different from what you expected. When this happens, you have the option of getting your score rechecked by requesting score verification from the College Board®. In this blog, we will learn about different SAT score verification services and how you can use them.

Let’s start by addressing a few important questions about score verification.

Should I get the answer verification service with the SAT?

Because the SAT verification services allow you to review your score, it is a good way of analyzing how you did on the test, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what areas you need to work on when you take the SAT the next time. So, it might be a good idea to go for score verification services when you register for your test if you want to understand your test performance later.

You may also consider score verification if your performance was not what you expected, you made a substantial error while marking answers, or the Essay section on your online score report is blank. You should know that you will not qualify for the verification process if you did not follow test guidelines for marking answers or writing the essay.

But before you go for any verification services, it is important that you read our SAT scoring guide to thoroughly understand how SAT scores are calculated and how different section scores make up your final score.

How long does SAT score verification take?

If you request SAT score verification at the time of registration, the verification reports are available at the same time the scores are released (within three weeks after the test date). If you request score verification after the scores are released, the verification will be treated like a new score and may take around three weeks after the score release dates.

Are the fees for SAT score verification services refundable?

If you order the SAT score verification service while registering for the test and are absent on the test day, you can request a refund of your verification fee. The fee will not be refunded once you take the test.

SAT Score Verification Options

You can request score verification services when you register for your SAT and up to five months after your testing date. When registering, you need to either fill out an SAT Score Verification Request Form, call customer service to request a score verification service, or order a service online with your score report. All of these options are available through your College Board account.

You can get your scores verified through:

  • Question and Answer Services (QAS)
  • Student Answer Services (SAS)

Note that you can receive the QAS and SAS for free if you are eligible for an SAT fee waiver. Further, check the College Board website to see which verification services your testing date offers. Some testing dates offer both QAS and SAS options; others only offer one of these score verification services.

Question-and-Answer Service (QAS)

The SAT Question and Answer Service costs $18 per test and gives you access to a copy of the questions asked, the answers you selected, and the correct answers. You’ll also receive an analysis of the difficulty of each question.

Student Answer Service (SAS)

Choosing to verify your score through SAT Student Answer Services will cost $13.50. With this option, you will receive a report on how you answered each question and an analysis of each question type and difficulty. This service does not include any information about the actual questions and answers on the test.

Hand Score Verification

You can use another option for score verification if you think there might be an error in the scanning and scoring of the test. This service is known as SAT Hand Score Verification. When you ask for hand score verification, an expert checks your answer sheet by hand. This costs $55 for the multiple-choice tests and $55 for your handwritten essay. The verification fee is reduced by half if you use a fee waiver for the SAT. This SAT hand score verification is very detailed, and you can not ask for reassessment after.

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