How to Send SAT® Scores to Colleges

How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges
When applying to colleges, submitting your SAT® score report with your admission application generally comes as a mandate. This is quite an easy task and can be done directly through your College Board® account. In this blog, we will discuss everything that you need to know about sending SAT scores to colleges.
How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges
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To send the scores to the colleges of your choice, you have two options:

  • If you choose to have the score report sent before the scores are released, you will have four free submissions.
  • If you choose to send the score report after the SAT score release dates, you will have to pay a fee of $14. When considering this option, check if you qualify for fee waivers.

Sending Digital SAT® Scores

During your digital SAT registration, you might have already selected colleges and scholarship programs to send your scores to. If not, you can send SAT scores to colleges even after the scores are officially released by the College Board by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your College Board account and go to the “Send SAT Scores” page.
  2. Search for the colleges you want to send your scores to by their name and code.
  3. Add the colleges to the recipient list and click on “Continue”.
  4. For each recipient, you have the option of sending all scores or some scores. Remember to read the score policies of colleges before sending the scores.
  5. Review your selections and select a payment method.

Before sending SAT  scores to colleges, make sure to read our SAT scoring guide to learn how digital test  scores are calculated and how different section scores contribute to your final score.

Colleges only accept your official SAT score report when you submit your applications. Reporting SAT scores by sending copies of the result or other unofficial form of scoring documents is strictly prohibited.

When should I send my SAT scores to colleges?

It is generally advised to refrain from sending SAT scores to colleges if you took the test during your junior year. Instead, use those scores to understand which areas you need to improve. Make an effective study plan, prepare for the SAT that you will take in your senior year, and after getting your target SAT score, send your score report to colleges.

How long does it take to send SAT scores?

The colleges you selected during test registration will receive your SAT scores one to two weeks after you get your score report. However, if you opt to rush your score reports, your scores will be sent to colleges within one to four business days.

So, what exactly is Rush Reporting? Rush reporting gives you the option to send digital SAT score reports to colleges faster than the regular delivery schedule. It costs $31. This option is only available for released scores and cannot be changed or canceled.

How can schools use the SAT score report? 

Schools can analyze SAT score reports to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students in specific subjects and coursework. As score reports offer a benchmark to understand students’ achievement levels and college readiness, teachers can provide the necessary guidance to help students overcome their weaknesses.

Let us now learn about some policies that colleges follow when you send in your SAT scores.

Single highest test date

Some colleges require you to send in your SAT scores from all the test dates so that they can record your highest total score, regardless of how recent it is.

All scores are required for review

Other colleges will ask you to submit the score reports from every SAT test that you have taken. In this case, the colleges not only consider the highest section scores from multiple tests but also analyze your progress in each test attempt. In some cases, they superscore you best performance on each section of the SAT. 


Since the pandemic, many colleges have adopted test-optional policies, allowing students to choose whether to submit test scores based on their circumstances. While some colleges still encourage score submission, it is not a mandatory requirement for admission. It doesn't mean colleges aren't interested in applicants' SAT scores, but rather that not submitting scores won't count against the applicant in the selection process. 

Do I have to send all my SAT scores to colleges?

It depends on the college to which you are applying. Some colleges ask you to send all SAT scores, while others give you the option of score choice.

Can I choose to send only part of my SAT score?

No, you cannot send one section score from one test date and another section score from another test date. You need to send SAT scores to colleges entirely from one test date. However, some colleges allow you to superscore, letting you submit your highest section scores from multiple test dates.

How to find and send old SAT scores?

If you have graduated from high school and haven’t taken the SAT for a year, the College Board will archive your SAT scores. However, you can still request for your SAT archived scores to be sent to you or to universities, colleges, or scholarship programs. A score reporting fee of $31 and an additional retrieval fee are charged for this process. You can send in your requests by:

  1. Mail: Fill out the SAT Archived Score Report Order Form and send it along with the payment.
  2. Telephone: Contact customer care services with your test and payment information handy.
Starting from June 2024, scores predating 2005 will no longer be accessible.

How do I know if a college received my SAT score?

If the college you applied to has a portal to check the status, you may be able to check if they received your scores. Otherwise, you can reach out to the college's admission office for this information.

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