How to Get SAT® Scores

How to Get SAT® Scores

Now that you have taken the SAT exam, it’s time to find out how you did!

There are three ways to get your SAT scores:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • By phone

You should expect SAT scores to be released two to three weeks after the testing date. The easiest way to access your SAT score is through the College Board® website, where you can log in and see an official report of your essay, math, and reading test scores. The College Board website is the same website where you registered for the SAT exam, so logging in should be simple and familiar. The site will also provide a schedule of when each test date’s scores are going to be released. The scheduled release dates are a great way to keep track of when your score will be ready to view.

1. You can log in to the account to find your online score report:

  • Your online score report will show your performance within each test and section of the SAT exam.
  • This data is useful for assessing areas of improvement or comparing your official performance to your practice test scores.

2. If you register by mail and don’t have an account with the College Board, you will automatically receive your scores on paper in the mail. You can also file a request to receive your scores on paper through the mail. 

3. For a fee, you may also receive your scores by phone. You can call at (866) 756-7346. 

How to Get Old Scores

If you took the exam years ago and are looking for old scores, you will have to call the College Board and pay a fee of $31 for them to be unarchived. The College Board archived SAT scores after a certain amount of time, but they are always available to you if you request them.

1. To get your old score through mail, you can download the archived request form, fill all the necessary information like test date and registration number, and mail it to the SAT Program.

SAT Program
P.O. Box 7503
London, KY

2. You can also receive your score by phone for a fee of $10. You can call customer care at  (866) 756-7346. To expedite the process, you can put all the useful information together like test date, street address, and credit card number before getting on the phone.

Fees for Old SAT Score Reports

  • The fee for archived SAT reports is $31.
  • Every report costs $12 and it multiplies depending on how many reports you want to send. 
  • Getting the old score report by phone is an additional fee of $10.
  • Rush Delivery (2–4 days) requires an additional fee of $31. It will cost you $74 for every rush report ($31+$12+$31).

Everything you need to know about SAT scores.

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