How To Cancel Your SAT® Score?

How To Cancel Your SAT® Score?

If you finish your exam feeling unsatisfied with your performance, you may cancel your scores. If you decide to cancel your scores, you must make a decision quickly. You have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the Thursday after your testing date to submit a Request to Cancel Test Scores. You can download this form from your College Board account. You should know that your results cannot be recovered or sent to colleges once you request to cancel your SAT score.

When canceling your scores, you should know that the College Board will cancel all of your scores for all of the tests you took on the given testing day. The only exception to this is for technological issues that occur during an SAT Subject Test.

Suppose you are canceling your scores because of a technological error, like a CD player breaking during a Subject Test. In that case, you will have to let your test coordinator know immediately. Do not wait until the end of the exam to let your proctor know that you are experiencing equipment failure.

You will be able to specify which Subject Test was affected by a technological failure on your request form. Otherwise, all of the tests taken on the given testing day will have their scores canceled.

There are multiple ways to cancel your SAT score: 

  • At the testing location, you may request a cancellation form immediately after finishing your exam.
  • After you leave the testing location, you may request a cancellation form online through your College Board account.

To cancel your scores, you will need to know:

  • Your test date 
  • Your registration number
  • Your test center number
  • The test center’s name

Note: If your cancellation is due to technological failure or a sudden illness, you will need a signature from your test proctor.

Your Score Cancellation Form requires your signature. After completing the Score Cancellation form, you may turn it in at the test center before leaving on testing day. If you complete the form after leaving the testing center, you may fax it to the College Board or mail it to the College Board. Details on how to mail or fax a cancellation form are specific and can be found on the College Board website or on the request form itself. Be sure to read the instructions for a mailed form carefully and use an overnight shipping option when you send it out.

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