How to Send Scores to Colleges

How to Send Scores to Colleges

Now that you have taken the SAT® exam, it is time to send your scores to your prospective colleges or scholarship programs. Sending an official score report is mandatory for most schools that require an SAT score with your application. This is done directly through the College Board®.

It is important to be sure the scores you send to colleges and scholarship programs are official reports: do not send copies of your scores or other unofficial forms of your results. You can ensure that colleges or scholarship programs will accept your scores by sending them as official score reports from the College Board site.

You will be given the option to have an official score report sent before or after your scores are released.

  • If you prefer to send your official score report after the results are released, you will have to pay a fee.
  • There are applications for fee waivers on the College Board site, so if you are considering this option, check if you qualify to have the fee waived. 
  • If you choose to have the score report sent before the scores are released, you will have four free submissions. 

Once you have decided when to send your official score report, it is time to choose which schools to send the report to. You may send a score report to as many schools as you like, and if you choose to have your scores sent before they are released, you are given four free submissions. If you wish to send more than four under this option, you will have to pay submission fees for each additional college or scholarship program.

You can find out which schools require what scores on the College Board site. Some schools ask that you send the highest scores for each section (across any testing date). This is an opportunity to use the College Board’s Score Choice.

Here is how Score Choice works:

  • If you scored highest for Math on one testing date, but highest for Reading on another testing date, you may choose to send the two sections’ scores to a college regardless of whether they come from the same exam date.

Check if the school or scholarship program allows you to use Score Choice while submitting test scores, or if they prefer score submissions come from a singular testing date. If you are unsure whether to send your best scores or all of your scores, it is recommended to send all of your scores.

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