SAT® Score Release Day – What To Expect

SAT® Score Release Day – What To Expect

Congratulations! You studied for months. You showed up on SAT Saturday with way-too-many #2 pencils in tow. You did your absolute best, and you’ve waited dutifully for weeks to receive your test score. Now, finally . . .

Your long-anticipated release date is here.* Hooray, the wait is almost over!

*Cue drumroll*

Here are some helpful things to know about your upcoming SAT score release:

1. On the first day of every score release, there is one batch of scores released early in the morning and another batch released late in the afternoon.

The College Board states that scores start to be released at 5:00am (EST), but I’ve never once seen them released that early. The first batch is almost always released closer to 7:00am.

Here are some SAT release times from previous dates.

  • October 2017 — 6:43am
  • November 2017 — 6:45am
  • December 2017 — 6:57am
  • March 2018 — 6:46am
  • June 2018 — 6:37am
  • August 2018 — 6:51am
  • November 2018 — 6:40am
  • December 2018 — 6:49am
  • March 2019 — 6:59am

(All times EST)
What I’m saying is . . . If you stay up all night in anticipation of a 5:00am score release, you will probably be disappointed and have to wait two more hours.

2. The morning release is just the first batch of scores. If you don’t see your score shortly after others report receiving theirs, then you’ll need to wait until the next batch.

The second batch of SAT scores releases in the 4:00–6:00 pm time frame (EST). If you still don’t get your score with this batch, then it could be anytime within the next few days.

Lots of students will not get their score on the first day, so don’t be worried. However, if you don’t get your score back after a week, then you should contact the College Board.

Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind:

  • Unlike AP scores, SAT scores are not released by location. So using a VPN will not help you get them any faster.
  • Students have frequently reported getting their scores at different times than students in their same test center, or even in the same room. So if your friends get their results before you, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong — even if you both took the SAT at the same testing location.

As a last piece of wisdom, I’ll reiterate what many others say during this time . . .

3. Your SAT score does not define you.

Not only that, it will likely not have any effect on your life beyond helping to place you in an undergraduate college, which also does not define you.

A good SAT score will make life easier for you, but you can overcome any standardized test score with hard work. Also, keep in mind that most people take the test more than once.

I hope you hit your target the first time, but don’t let it get you down if you don’t!

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*SAT scores for most dates are released the second Friday after the exam, or 13 days later.

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