How to Increase Your Chance of Score Improvement

How to Increase Your Chance of Score Improvement
Learn how to set a target score, build a study plan, and why students score low in the first attempt—the exact steps you have to take to improve your SAT® score.
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How to Increase Your Chance of Score Improvement
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Want to improve your SAT® score to increase your chance of getting into your dream school? There are many ways to improve your chances of score improvement on the SAT exam.

You need to review your performance on the exam. Analyze your score and evaluate where you can improve your performance. Evaluate your weak areas, analyze where you got stuck on the exam, what type of questions took more time, and focus on improving that section or subscore.

Interpret Your Results

The SAT exam will provide you with a score report. The data provided in the score report (particularly the sub-scores) can help you immensely in deciding the specific areas you can improve. Taking the time to analyze the scoring information that the SAT provides you is essential. Focus on your subscores and get specific with the areas you need to work on. 

Shift your focus from improving your SAT Score to specifically improving your math score or improving your passport to advanced math subscore.

Set A Target Score

Before you start studying, set a realistic target for yourself. If your score is lower than 400, you get more chances of score improvement. You can aim for 200 points and practice to improve your weak sections. If you have a higher score, you can aim to improve around 100 points. This also depends on how much you studied for the first attempt and if you got anxious while taking the exam. What were the factors that resulted in your score? Analyze these factors and set a realistic goal for yourself.

Build A Study Plan

Use the experience and data from your first attempt to build a study plan that is specific to the sections where you want to gain points.

It can help focus your studies on improving your score within the SAT Math section, or even the SAT Math subsection, the Heart of Algebra. 

Ultimately, narrowing your focus through section (or subsection) specific studying will increase your chances of score improvement. This is the most efficient way for you to study and gain points.

Retake the SAT Exam

The College Board® stated that 63% of students improved their score by retaking the exam.

Knowing what to expect for your next attempt at the SAT exam makes you comfortable and increases your chance of score improvement through your confidence. Anxiety is a large factor that results in poor scores for many students during their first time taking the exam. Experience is a great way to ease your stress while taking the SAT exam.

Take a Practice Test

Your score report will tell you the areas you need to work on but it will not show you the question types you need to work on. Practice exams are an excellent source for becoming comfortable with the timed sections while allowing you to gain familiarity with the types of questions that the exam uses. Practice exams can also provide you with valuable information about the areas and questions you need to improve.

UWorld’s SAT Prep courses include performance tracking, so you can find out how you perform on sections and subsections without taking the formal SAT exam. All of the questions on UWorld’s course are at or above the SAT’s difficulty, so the practice you are getting is as close to the real thing as possible.

Check out the SAT Prep course to find study material, take practice exams, gain personalized insight on specific areas of improvement, and become comfortable taking the SAT exam.

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