How Should I Prepare to Retake the SAT® Exam?

How Should I Prepare to Retake the SAT® Exam?

As soon as you decide to retake the SAT exam, it is important to set a target score and begin preparing for your next attempt. The SAT exam is only offered seven times a year, so be sure to plan accordingly and make time for your retake.

Finalize Your Next Testing Date

First, you need to find out and finalize your next testing date. This will keep you on a schedule and help keep you from procrastinating.

For the SAT exam, you need to study rigorously for a month or you can study at your pace for 2–3 months. We recommend spending 90 days preparing and studying for the exam. Give yourself enough time to prepare to improve your score.

It is advisable to start preparing for your next attempt as soon as the exam is over. You will realize your weaker sections and questions while taking the exam. Focus on improving those areas. 

Evaluate Your Score Report 

Once you have a date on the calendar, a great way to start preparing is to evaluate your score report. The details found in the results from your first attempt at the SAT can help create a study plan by effectively pinpointing the areas where you can improve your score the most.

Focus on Sections and Subscores

While it is important to study for each section on the exam, you will find that you can make better use of your time by focusing on gaining points in your weaker areas. Focus on your subscores and weaker sections separately. 

Take Practice Exams

It is a great idea to become familiar with the exam. Self-assessments from UWorld’s SAT Prep course are full-length practice tests with questions just like the ones you will encounter on the SAT exam. 

The more familiar you are with each question type’s format, style, and difficulty, the more confident you will be during your retake. The course also offers detailed explanations for each question that you can apply while taking the official SAT exam. 

Consider taking practice tests regularly in preparation for your retake to give yourself many chances to:

  • Learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly 
  • Practice reading each question accurately, as many incorrect answers result from misreading the question 
  • Resolve any issues with the timed aspect of the exam. Take note of the sections you are losing points on from running out of time, and practice efficiency in those sections as you prepare. 

Improving your weaker sections and becoming comfortable with the SAT is possible through practice, studying, and experience. Check out UWorld’s SAT Prep course to maximize the potential of your scores in the next round. 

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