3 Best Methods To Prepare for the SAT® Exam

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Preparing for the SAT® exam can seem like an overwhelming process. Here are three methods you can use to guide your process or plans before your official SAT exam. If you don’t know where to start, use this breakdown as a guide!

Set Goals

A great place to start when preparing for the SAT exam is setting a goal for your performance. Having a target score will motivate you throughout your studies and practice. If you are able to reach your goal score consistently in your practice work, you can guarantee that you will be a lot more confident sitting to take the official SAT exam.

To find out what score you need, research the scores that resulted in acceptances for the previous year’s applicants. This information is typically available online. You should know that the scores that resulted in acceptances can vary based on the college you apply to within the university, so be thorough in your research. 

Setting a goal score is helpful to understand how much improvement is necessary. It is a good idea to set goals for each subsection of the SAT test. You may have a much stronger performance in the Math test than in the Reading and Writing tests.

Understanding your strengths when setting goals may result in significant variations in your expectations for each section. Once you know the goal you need to be accepted into your college or university, consider how your goals for each section have room to vary. Once you set your goals, you can figure out your baseline performance through your first practice test.

Practice Tests

Practice tests are a huge part of preparing for the SAT exam. Take your first exam and evaluate your performance in each section, subsection, and question type. You can use the data from practice work to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. 

This information should shape your study plan. Focus your time on the areas that can improve the most. This strategy will ensure that you are able to maximize your time and reach the highest score possible.  

You should plan to take the entire exam multiple times before your official test day. Each time you take a practice test, you can track your improvements to note any necessary adjustments to your study plans.

You should be sure to take practice exams that are realistic to the official SAT exam, in conditions that mimic the official test day rules. During your practice tests, pay attention to time restrictions and only use the resources that are permitted on test day.

Study Groups

Organizing a study group is a great way to build a support system throughout your SAT test preparation. This support is essential for the emotional challenges that come with such extensive studying. 

Your group is also a super effective resource to learn from. When making your study group, try to bring people together who have varying strengths. This ensures that everyone has something different to bring to the discussion.

As you work in a team setting, you are likely to find that someone has the same questions or challenges as you, and others may have the knowledge to support your improvement. You may also find that explaining a question to the group helps you retain what you know.

Learn from the group and practice your own skills through a study group to prepare for the SAT exam.

As you prepare for the SAT exam, consider these methods! Once you have done your research and made a plan, you can begin working through practice exams. UWorld’s SAT Prep Course offers practice exams, performance tracking tools, and question explanations.

Our practice exams match the style and level of difficulty you will face on the official exam, so you can be sure that your practice work is practical and relevant. You can use the performance tracking tools to pinpoint your weaknesses and the question explanations to learn from your mistakes.

Try it out to organize a study plan and reach your scoring potential!

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