AP® Calculus AB Formula Sheet

The AP® Calculus AB is a difficult beast to tackle. If you spend a year learning the concepts of calculus, chances are you’ve forgotten a formula or two. You may have even missed a class day and didn’t have a chance to learn that day’s material as effectively. That’s where the AP Calculus AB formula sheet comes in.

What is the AP Calculus AB Formula Sheet?

The AP Calculus AB formula sheet provides you with the complete list of formulas and theorems you need to know for the exam. It is meant to help you learn useful equations so you can save time on the AP Calculus AB exam.

You might think that if you just remember a few formulas, you will be ready for the exam. However, it is not equivalent to learning what the course is about. But it's more important to have a good grasp of the ideas that they represent. Check out our AP Calculus AB Study Guide if you need help learning the AP Calculus AB curriculum or making a plan for how you will study.

List of Formulas

As you start the AP Calc AB course, the number of formulas might seem overwhelming. But, don’t fret! By the end of the course, you will be able to get familiar with many of them. For the ones you are struggling with, remember to incorporate them into your study plan. That will narrow the list down to the 5-10 formulas you need more practice with.

To make things a tad easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the formulas and theorems you need to know for the AP Calculus AB exam. The formulas are divided into five sections to help you learn easily and quickly. The five sections are:

  • Section 1: Limits
  • Section 2: Derivatives
  • Section 3: Integrals and Differential Equations
  • Section 4: Polar Coordinates, Parametric, Equations, and Vector-Valued Functions
  • Section 5: Infinite Series

Check out the complete list of AP Calculus AB formulas and remember to save the PDF. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a reference sheet for AP Calculus AB?

No, there is no reference sheet for the AP Calculus AB exam. Every student is expected to understand all of the concepts and formulas covered within the AP Calculus AB course. If you are familiar with the math that underpins these concepts, you should know and be able to recall or even deduce (if required) the formulas on the exam. However, formulas outside the scope of calculus are often provided in the stems of questions where they are needed.

There are so many formulas in AP Calculus AB. How can I possibly memorize them all?

The most effective technique for remembering formulas is to apply them frequently. If you're having trouble remembering one or two formulas, check out UWorld’s AP Calculus AB Practice Exam and practice a lot of problems that need you to apply them. For example, if you have difficulty remembering the difference between volume using the disk and washer methods, focus on problems from units 8.7-8.12.

Flashcards are another useful tool, especially if you have more than a handful of formulas to remember. Create a deck of mathematical flashcards and quiz yourself on a regular basis. Pay attention to even the smallest details of each formula.

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