Do All Ivy League Schools Give Credit for AP® Classes?

Do All Ivy League Schools Give Credit for AP® Classes?
Learn which AP® exams are recognized by Ivy League universities that accept college credits and how they enhance your academic profile and readiness.
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Do All Ivy League Schools Give Credit for AP® Classes?
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By taking AP® classes in high school, students show potential colleges and universities they are serious about their education and they will not be overwhelmed by a college course load. Taking an ambitious number of AP classes, and scoring high on AP exams, greatly improves students’ chances of college admission, including with Ivy League schools.

There Are Multiple Benefits to Signing Up for AP Classes and Taking the AP Exams:

  • Earn College Credits

Most schools — including most Ivy League schools — award college credits for AP classes (assuming a certain exam score). These early credits offer students a head start in their college experience.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

AP classes and successful AP exams help students stand out from the crowd when schools and organizations are awarding scholarships.

  • Save on Tuition

Because students have earned college credits in advance, they have fewer courses to take in college, decreasing their tuition payments.

  • College Acceptance

Students who choose to take AP classes have a significant advantage with admissions officers or committees. Colleges and universities, especially the most selective schools, are looking for students who have challenged themselves and stand out from the crowd.

Which Ivy League Schools Offer College Credits for APs?

Seven of the eight Ivy League schools — Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard College, Brown University, Princeton University, Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania — give college credit for APs.

It is important to note that, in most cases, a minimum score of 4 must be earned on the AP exam, and in some cases, a 5 is required to earn college credit. This varies from school to school and even from department to department.

You can find detailed AP information for each school here:

Columbia University
Cornell University
Harvard College
Brown University
Princeton University
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania

Other Notes About the AP Exams:

1. When Are AP Exams Administered?

AP exams are given every year in May.

2. What Is the Purpose of AP exams?

Because classes, teachers, and standards vary from district to district and from state to state, AP exams are the way to validate students’ understanding of the information in a standardized way.

3. If My High School Doesn’t Offer AP Classes or AP Exams, Can I Still Take an Exam?

Yes. You can arrange to take exams at another high school that offers AP exams. You can find out how to do so here.

If you are a school or school district looking to help your students prepare for AP success, UWorld is a valuable resource that will have them ready to succeed on exam day. Click here to see how we can help your program and your students achieve better-than-ever results.

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