Month: March 2023

Graph showing progress after student learns how to verify their ACT score

How To Verify Your ACT® Score

When your ACT® score is less than expected, you should opt for ACT score verification! This blog will show you how and when to request ACT score verification.

Students on campus at a college that requires the SAT Essay for admission

The Role of the SAT® Essay in College Admissions

Is the SAT Essay Dead or Alive? Uncover its hidden presence in high schools, the surprising benefits for students, and why Ivy League dreams no longer hinge on it. Explore its decline and what truly matters in admissions today!

Computer showing cancel notification as the student chooses to cancel their ACT scores

How To Cancel ACT® Scores

Don’t let a bad ACT® score hold you back! Learn how to cancel your ACT scores and get the fresh start you need for college admissions success.

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