How To Verify Your ACT® Score

Graph showing progress after student learns how to verify their ACT score
When your ACT® score is less than expected, you should opt for ACT score verification! This blog will show you how and when to request ACT score verification.
Graph showing progress after student learns how to verify their ACT score
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If you recently received your ACT® score report and your scores are significantly different from what you expected, it is recommended that you request score verification and have your test rescored. In this blog, we will talk about the ACT score verification service and how you can use it.

ACT Score Verification

You can request ACT score verification up to 12 months after your test date. All you need to do is fill out the ACT score verification form and mail the printed copy of the form along with a check payable to ACT Customer Care for the applicable fee to:

ACT Customer Care
PO Box 414
Iowa City, IA 52243-0414, USA

Note that on the test verification form, you need to mention your name, address, and date of birth as per the information you provided during your test registration. You can also check your score report to fill in your correct ACT ID, test date (month and year), and test location.

Requests can be made for both your Multiple choice and Writing test scores by paying the following fees:

Type of ACT Test Fee
Multiple-choice tests $55
Writing Test $55
Both (Multiple-choice and Writing tests) $110

For Multiple choice tests, it will be verified whether your responses were evaluated properly against the correct answer key. For the Writing test, it will be verified whether the essay was scored by two independent graders and a third grader in case the first two graders scored differently in any domain. It will also be verified if your essay was recorded and presented properly to the graders.

When should you use ACT score verification?

Here are a few scenarios in which you should consider going for ACT score verification:

  1. You scored quite differently from what you expected
    If your section score is five or more points lower than what you received consistently on your practice tests, then something might have gone wrong during the scoring process.
  2. You scored low on subjects that you generally ace
    On your score report, if you see that your scores are unexpectedly low for subjects that you are good at and are unable to figure out how that happened.
  3. You have already looked into other options
    You opted for the Test Information Release (TIR) provided by the ACT to order a copy of your test questions and answers, but it could not clear up your confusion about your scores.

When you order TIR, you get a digital copy of the questions, your answers, the answer key, and the conversion table used to calculate scores for the multiple-choice tests. In case you took the Writing test, you get a copy of the writing prompt, your essay scores, and the scoring rubrics. It helps you analyze your performance on the test by allowing you to see exactly which questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. It costs $32 if ordered before the test and $40 after the test. The digital TIR materials are sent to you within a few weeks after the ACT scores are released. You should note that TIR is only offered to students who:

  • Test in December, April, or June through National Testing on a National test date and at a National test center.
  • Test through special testing for an April test date during the Special Testing Window in the US, US territories, and Puerto Rico.

How long does ACT score verification take?

Once you request ACT score verification, it may take around three to five weeks to get your results.

Are the fees for ACT score verification services refundable?

If there is a scoring error, ACT will change your scores and report the correct scores to you and all other recipients of score reports for free. In such a case, your ACT verification fee will also be refunded.

But before you opt for score verification, it is also important that you clearly understand the ACT scoring system. Check out our guide to learn everything about ACT scores.

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