AP® Human Geography Multiple Choice Questions

The AP® exam consists of two sections: multiple choice questions (MCQs) and free-response questions (FRQs). This guide will focus on the first section, which comprises MCQs. We’ll delve into the format of the AP Human Geography multiple choice questions and offer tips on how to score well on them. We’ll also provide some examples of AP Human Geography MCQs from past exams. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the best ways to prepare for the AP Human Geography exam’s MCQ section.

Format of the AP Human Geography MCQ section

The multiple choice section of the AP Human Geography exam includes 60 questions. Each question has five possible answers, with only one correct answer. All units are assessed in the MCQ section, with slightly fewer questions coming from unit one. Some questions are based on a stimulus like data, maps, or graphics. Some questions are stand-alone questions, and others are set-based questions.

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How to Approach AP Human Geography Multiple-Choice Questions

For many students, the MCQ section can be the most difficult because there are a total of 60 questions and only 60 minutes to answer all of them. That’s just one question a minute! 30-40% of the questions include a stimulus (map, graph, table, etc.). It can be a challenge to understand the stimuli and select the correct answers in that amount of time. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for the difficulty of the questions and work quickly.

  1. Read the question first.

    Because of the limited time available to answer all of the multiple-choice questions, you cannot afford to lose time trying to understand everything about the stimulus (if one is present). Instead, read the question and then dig through the stimulus for the information that will help you choose the correct answer. The question will provide context in which to interpret the stimulus and make it easier to locate relevant information quickly.

  2. All parts of an answer must be accurate for the answer to be correct; partly right isn't close enough.

    Sometimes students are duped into thinking an answer is correct because part of the answer choice is right. However, the rest of the answer may contain incorrect information, rendering the entire answer incorrect. For example, eliminate answers that contain inconsistencies in data or are unrelated to the theory defined by the question. If you are unable to determine the correct answer, concentrate on determining what makes each answer choice incorrect.
    Eliminating obviously incorrect answers will help you narrow your options and, if necessary, make a better guess.

  3. Answer every question.

    There is no penalty on the exam for incorrect answers, so you should always take your best guess because the odds are better if you record an answer for every question.

AP Human Geography Multiple Choice Examples

Here are some examples of practice multiple-choice questions.

How can I Practice AP Human Geography Multiple-Choice Questions?

One of the best ways to improve your AP Human Geography MCQ score is to practice by answering a lot of questions. This allows you to become familiar with commonly-assessed information as well as how questions are worded. It’s a good idea to practice answering MCQs at your own pace, at least initially, so you can think about each answer carefully. After you have developed your confidence and skills, you should start answering practice questions at the same pace as on the exam: about one minute per question.

The UWorld AP Human Geography Question Bank is an excellent source of practice MCQs. It includes over 500 questions that are written very similarly to those found on the actual exam. UWorld provides explanations to help you understand why one answer is correct and others are incorrect. Knowing how to determine where you may have erred while answering a question helps you avoid making the same mistake in the future. You can also practice with or without a timer within the UWorld AP Human Geography question bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The MCQ section of the exam is graded by a computer. Students are rewarded for each correct response. Missing responses or wrong responses are not deducted from your score.

The MCQ section of the AP Human Geography Exam must be completed in 60 minutes.

The College Board® does not typically make their MCQs from past exams available publicly. That is why a resource like UWorld is the best way to practice for that section of the exam.


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