What SAT® Score Do I Need To Get Into College?

Red circle and pencil with SAT scores- 1225, 1366 and 1600
Deciding the goal score based on your prospective list of colleges/ universities helps you prepare for your SAT®. factors to consider while deciding your SAT score goal. Read here.
Red circle and pencil with SAT scores- 1225, 1366 and 1600
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Many students take the SAT® test as a requirement for their college applications. If this is the case for you, you may be wondering what score you need to get an acceptance letter. 

Having a goal score is an integral part of your preparation for test day. This goal score will be dependent on the size and competitiveness of your prospective colleges or universities.

Start With Some Research

You should start by finding out whether the SAT exam is required by your prospective schools. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have suspended exam requirements. If this is the case, you may not need to take the SAT exam at all. 

If your prospective school does require an SAT exam score with your application, the next piece of information to seek out is data about the previous year’s acceptances. Find out what scores resulted in acceptances for the school’s most recently enrolled students.

This data should give you an idea of what the school is looking for. The more competitive a school is, the higher the score is necessary for acceptance.

You will notice that there is likely a range in the SAT exam scores that resulted in acceptances. This is because the admissions process is dependent on a variety of factors.

As an applicant, your application can be examined in a variety of ways. Depending on the size and competitiveness of the school, the process can vary quite a bit.

Large Applicant Pools

For larger colleges that have massive applicant pools, a comprehensive view of each application is impossible. This means that the test scores and GPA report that you send have greater weight.
When looking at thousands of applications, admissions can use scoring data to effectively decide who makes it through an initial admissions process. You are more than just a page of numbers and statistics, but you should know that the SAT test score is a standardized way to evaluate students’ academic performances. Admissions teams will take advantage of this standardization to find the most qualified applicants.

Hyper-Competitive Applicant Pools

Top universities and colleges will use test scores and GPA reports to screen out applicants who do not fit their specific requirements. To be considered, you will have to reach a specific score or GPA.

In this case, reaching your goal score may be necessary for your application to reach the admissions team’s desk, which is why research and goal setting is absolutely crucial. The school’s admissions website is likely to have this information. 

More often than not, there is no specific scoring threshold that will make or break your chances of getting in. With this in mind, you can pay attention to the average SAT test score that resulted in an acceptance.

Looking at the SAT test score averages for your prospective schools (rather than looking too deeply into the range of scores that students submitted on their application) is a great way to navigate your goal-setting process.

Once you have established a goal score, it is time to start preparing. You can gain a ton of practice and find valuable information about your performance through UWorld’s SAT online learning tool.

This resource offers performance tracking tools that can help navigate the areas where you can improve the most. Try it out to achieve your scoring goals!

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