What Are the benefits of the SAT® Exam?

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Learn about the benefits of SAT® test taking and get the chance to earn scholarship opportunities and fee waivers
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If you are considering whether or not to take the SAT® exam, here’s a breakdown of some of the test-taking benefits that you might not know about.

Scholarship Opportunities

Doing well on the SAT exam may provide you with opportunities for financial aid. The College Board works to build relationships between students and financial aid programs to provide you with the maximum opportunities possible for academic awards and recognition for your strong performance.

The College Board also works with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to help college and higher education become more accessible to anyone who wants it, regardless of their income.

If financial issues have been holding you back from chasing your dreams, consider how taking the SAT exam could benefit you.

Student Search Service

The College Board offers a program called the Student Search Service. This program functions to provide colleges with information about students who send their information to the search service.

If you opt-in, you will fill out a survey on your answer sheet after taking the SAT test. Organizations, colleges, and programs that work with the Student Search Service will be sent your information if you are deemed a good fit for their programs.

You should know that the service’s main benefit is creating connections and offering opportunities to build relationships with colleges, universities, and other programs that align with your academic goals. It functions as a type of match-making service for students and colleges or universities.

Fee Waivers

Another added benefit of taking the SAT exam is that the College Board has partnered with 2,000 colleges to provide students with college application fee waivers. If you qualify for a registration fee waiver when signing up for the SAT exam, you should know that the College Board is actively working to provide fee waivers for the college application process as well.

Applying to multiple schools can be extremely costly, as application fees add up quickly. If you are hoping to have your application fees waived, consider taking advantage of this resource from the College Board and signing up for the SAT exam.

If you do choose to take the SAT exam, preparation is critical. You can use UWorld’s SAT Prep Course, which offers thousands of practice questions, detailed question explanations, and performance tracking tools.

You can use the practice questions to hone your skills and gain experience with any question type that you will find on the SAT exam. You can use the detailed question explanations to learn from your mistakes and deepen your understanding of more complicated questions or concepts.

Our performance tracking tools are very effective in pinpointing areas you can improve, which is very helpful when shaping an efficient study plan. Try it out to boost your performance throughout the SAT exam and take advantage of the opportunities available to you.

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