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PSAT Practice Test
I am so excited to announce that we have launched a brand new test-prep resource for high school students -- the PSAT® Practice Test!
PSAT Practice Test
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I am so excited to announce that we have launched a brand new test-prep resource for high school students — the PSAT®/NMSQT® Practice Test!

We know it can be really challenging to find practice tests for the PSAT, so our content team dedicated the summer to build a full-length, online PSAT that includes the detailed explanations UWorld is known for. And here is the best part . . .

We’re giving it away. This is a totally free study resource!

The PSAT is more important than ever. A high score on the test can bring merit recognition and significant scholarship opportunities. This is why we are offering our quality PSAT practice test for free.

Our innovative practice test includes:

  • Realistic questions that mimic the real thing so you will know what to expect
  • Detailed explanations for each question that will help you learn content and test strategies
  • A score report that helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses to better prepare you for your PSAT

For students new to high-stakes testing, this practice test will help familiarize them with the format and style of the exam – this way they won’t be surprised or intimidated on test day. And an added bonus . . .

Because the PSAT/National Merit test is very similar to an actual SAT® test in format, style of question, and rigor, taking this test will help students in their SAT preparations too.

Let me give you a little information regarding the National Merit Scholarship Program:

The PSAT/National Merit exam is an academic competition for high school students. Your score serves as an initial screen of approximately 1.6 million entrants each year.

Students typically take the PSAT/National Merit in their junior year in high school. To take the test, you must be enrolled as a high school student (traditional or homeschooled), and you must be attending a school in the U.S. or meet the citizen requirements for students attending high school outside the United States.

Your score on the exam can qualify you for potentially huge scholarships, so many students begin practicing as early as their freshman year.

If you want to take advantage of our free, online PSAT/National Merit Diagnostic Test, you can begin by clicking here.

If you find the explanations to our PSAT practice test helpful, you can access our complete SAT practice bank with thousands of questions that mimic both exams.

Regardless of where you are in your PSAT or SAT journey, we want to provide you with the highest quality practice, along with helpful explanations, so you can master the content on test day. Your dream school requires a dream score, and we want to help make that dream a reality.

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