Valeriia’s Remarkable Journey to SAT® Success

Valeriia’s Remarkable Journey to SAT Success
International student finds success with UWorld College Prep's SAT® product and achieved her goal of being accepted to Northwestern University.
Valeriia’s Remarkable Journey to SAT Success
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It’s hard to keep a determined person down. No matter where you come from, what others say about you, or what obstacles you face, if you are purposeful and resolute, you can turn academic dreams into absolute realities.

Valeriia’s story is a perfect example…

Valeriia is from a very small Ukrainian town, lacking many of the academic resources found in larger cities like Kyiv or Lviv. Students in these cities have access to superior schools, modern educational equipment, and tutors to supplement their school curriculum.

Valeriia didn’t have those same academic advantages, but she didn’t let that setback quench her thirst for knowledge. She was determined to learn, improve, and challenge herself to be the best student she could be.

Particularly interested in physics, Valeriia found any resource she could get her hands on and self-studied physics every day after school. Armed with enthusiasm and a growing understanding of the science, she participated in her National Physics Olympiad with average results. However…

Determined students aren’t satisfied with average.

Valeriia refused to get discouraged by her first two showings at the competition. Instead, she dedicated herself to keep studying, keep practicing, and keep working toward her goal. And it’s a good thing she did — her third try was the charm!

Valeriia, the student many others counted out, won a bronze medal in the National Physics Olympiad and even went on to receive an honorable mention at the International Physics Olympiad.

This determination extends beyond her love for physics. Valeriia wants to attend college in the United States, so she knew that a high SAT® or ACT® score was crucial in that endeavor.

Once again, study resources are difficult to come by in the small town Valeriia calls home. Tutors, practice tests, test prep classes — these things simply are not readily available. But Valeriia didn’t need those things for two reasons: 1) She has determination, and 2) She found UWorld.

Just listen to what she said…

Hello! I used UWorld as a part of my preparation materials, and I increased my score from 1270 in August to 1520 on the real test in October. I appreciate UWorld for questions in Writing especially, which allowed me to review my mistakes and read explanations. It helped me to learn the various types of questions. On the real SAT, I realized that I remembered how I answered similar problems within the UWorld materials. Improving my score with UWorld gave me the opportunity to apply to my dream college.

Valeriia- UWorld SAT User

Not only did Valeriia apply to her dream college — Northwestern University — she recently found out that she was accepted! Thanks in large part to the 1520 on her SAT, beginning in the fall of 2020, Valeriia will be studying in the United States, wearing Wildcat purple. All that determination is paying off, and Valeriia’s future is bright.

Stories like Valeriia’s story remind us that when hard work and a never-give-up attitude are paired with quality online test prep, every student — no matter what the circumstance — can hit their dream score and begin walking down the path to success.

If you’re like Valeriia and want to improve your SAT or ACT score in order to get into your dream college, UWorld can help. Our challenging questions that mimic the exam, detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers, and superior performance tracking will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed on test day. Click below for a FREE seven-day trial and see why students like Valeriia are raving about their UWorld experience.

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