How Does the SAT® Exam Accommodate Students With Disabilities?

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The SAT® exam offers several accommodations for students with disabilities. To use these accommodations, you must submit a request to the College Board®. You should know that your scores will be canceled if you attempt to use a testing accommodation without approval from the College Board. 

Let’s take a closer look at the eligibility criteria, registration process, and the types of SAT accommodations for students with disabilities. 

Who Is Eligible for Testing Accommodations?

You are eligible for test-taking accommodations if you have a documented disability (blindness, motor impairments, medical impairments, or learning disorders). You may also be eligible to utilize testing accommodations if you have functional limitations that affect your ability to read, write, or remain seated for an extended period of time. If you have a disability that impacts your participation in the exam, you can submit a request for a testing accommodation tailored to your needs.

How To Register for Testing Accommodations?

To register for the SAT exam with testing accommodations, you will need an eligibility code and/or an eligibility letter. Remember that being approved for a testing accommodation can take several weeks, so plan your application with enough time for your request to be processed and approved. 

When submitting an accommodation request, you will work with the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). You can work with an SSD coordinator at your school to ensure your accommodation request and SAT exam registration goes smoothly. The College Board recommends submitting your request about seven weeks before you plan to register for the SAT exam. If you are approved, then the College Board will send you an eligibility code to write on your registration forms.

If you plan to register by mail, you will need to attach an eligibility letter with your registration forms. However, if you’ve submitted an accommodation request and been approved for previous College Board exams, you will not need to resubmit a request for the SAT exam.

What Accommodations Are Offered?

Some of the SAT accommodations for students with disabilities include braille, magnification devices, pre-recorded audio formats, a human reader, extended testing time, large print testing booklets, a four-function calculator, computers for the essay section, and extra breaks. 

Accommodations for students who are unable to take timed exams may also be available. The College Board accepts approvals for other accommodations based on an individual’s personal needs. You can also request for multiple accommodations using the same application instead of submitting multiple. The only thing to ensure is that each accommodation request has the required supporting documentation. The approvals and accommodations are not limited to the ones listed on the College Board website.

If you require accommodations for taking the SAT exam, be sure that you submit your request early enough to be processed before your registration deadline. You can prepare for the question styles and levels of difficulty that you will face on each section of the SAT exam by using UWorld’s SAT Prep Course

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