How to Make ACT® and SAT® Practice Tests Work for You

How to Make ACT® and SAT® Practice Tests Work for You
Practice makes perfect when it comes to acing the ACT® and SAT®. Access FREE ACT and SAT practice tests to help boost your score.
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How to Make ACT® and SAT® Practice Tests Work for You
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Practice makes perfect. You’ve heard the expression, right? Whatever your enterprise — music lessons, sports, ballet classes, drivers ed, or ACT® and SAT® prep — well-meaning coaches, teachers, and mentors all recite the same refrain.

But sadly it’s not true. Practice alone does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfectThis is particularly true when it comes to high-stakes exam prep.

Poor practice, or misguided practice, or incomplete practice can actually do more harm than good.

Consider this: If you practice the piano with your sheet music upside down, that upcoming recital is going to be painful — for everyone. If you practice your lines for Hamlet by re-watching Hancock, “to be, or not to be” won’t be the only question asked as the curtain goes down.

In much the same way:

When It Comes To Preparing For Your ACT Or SAT, The Need For Perfect Practice Is Paramount.

After all, this isn’t about practicing to hit a fastball cleanly or play the clarinet beautifully, this is about getting into your dream college or university.

Thankfully, the College Board and the ACT put out practice tests (We have them for you today!) that function as additional tools for your test-prep toolbox.

When you combine these practice tests with an online performance-tracking test prep (like the one offered by UWorld), you are now flirting with a perfect practice regimen.

The ACT and SAT practice tests are comprised of real questions used on previous test dates. . . and each practice test is completely free.

Practice tests shouldn’t be your only means of test prep, but you can use them to help you with test-day pacing and overall test readiness.

Think of a runner preparing for a marathon. By race day, because of months of practice, his or her body has already prepared for the 26.2 mile challenge to come. The runner knows what lies ahead because he or she has run “practice marathons.”

Each ACT and SAT practice test is your practice marathon!

So, now that you’ve set your sights on your first choice school, and now that you’ve registered for your test, it’s time to ramp up your practice routine. Start with . . .

Thousands of challenging questions, detailed explanations (for both right and wrong answers), and digital performance tracking (to identify any areas of weakness and even compare your results with peers). These are the ways UWorld helps top scorers prepare. They can do the same for you.

Remember, practice alone doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. So go ahead and get started today!

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