How To Get SAT® Fee Waiver

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Registering for the SAT exam is not free for everyone, but before you make your decision based on the funds, you should also know that the College Board offers fee waivers. Students who qualify for the fee waiver will be able to take the SAT exam for free.

The funds required for standardized testing and applying for colleges and universities should not deter you from chasing your dreams. You should largely consider the scholarship opportunities available with a good performance on the SAT exam before deciding to opt out.

While registering for the SAT exam is costly, the price of college tuition is much pricier. Consider how taking the SAT exam can benefit your scholarship opportunities.

Do I Qualify for a Fee Waiver

Waiving the fee is available for students who are considered low-income. The College Board states that you are eligible if you are any of the following:

  • Enrolled in a government program that supports students in low-income families;
  • Participating in (or eligible to participate in) the National School Lunch Program; 
  • Your family income is within the USDA Food and Nutrition Service’s Income Eligibility Guidelines; 
  • You receive public assistance; 
  • You are a foster child, homeless, or an orphan; or you live in a federally subsidized public house.

How To Get a Fee Waiver

Your high school counselor will be able to assist you in getting a fee waiver. If you are homeschooled, you can reach out to a high school near you. Counselors at a local school will be able to assist you in obtaining the forms you need.

The high school counselor will determine your eligibility through tax records or other forms of proof that you have been enrolled in public assistance or aid. Be sure to bring any forms or documents you need when checking for eligibility.

Using the Fee Waiver When Registering Online

Once your eligibility has been determined, you can register online using the code provided to you by your counselor. This code will allow you to register for two SAT exams. You will not need to re-enroll for the College Board to waive your fees.

The next time you register for the exam online, your College Board account will automatically waive the fees.

Using the Fee Waiver When Registering by Mail

You can also register by mail. Once a counselor has determined your eligibility, you can opt for a registration card that will waive your fees. You will fill out the information on the card and include it with your registration forms.

Be sure to fill out any necessary information. Incomplete forms and registration cards are not accepted when registering for the SAT exam.

If you qualify for a fee waiver, you can register for the exam and begin preparing to do your best on the SAT test. Start by setting a goal score that is based on past acceptances from your prospective colleges and universities.

From there, you can work on your weak points to improve your performance. You can use the studying and preparation tools offered by UWorld’s SAT Prep Course to maximize your scoring potential!

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