How to Continue College Readiness During COVID-19

How to Continue College Readiness During COVID-19
Don't let COVID-19 derail you here are a few things to remember (and some action steps you can take) as you pursue your target college or university.
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How to Continue College Readiness During COVID-19
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If you’re a high school junior or senior, or the parent of one, no doubt you are feeling the effects of COVID-19 on your college readiness plans. 

You had a course load strategy, an SAT® or ACT® study regiment, particular extracurricular activities lined up, and a campus visit scheduled, but now things have changed. High schools are indefinitely postponed, many SAT and ACT exam dates have been canceled, clubs aren’t meeting, teams aren’t playing — and you may be wondering, What do I do now? 

The good news is that your hard work hasn’t been wasted. You’re well-positioned for academic success and college acceptance even though it seems like life has hit the pause button. Here are a few things to remember (and some action steps you can take) as you pursue your target college or university:

College Admissions Will Consider COVID-19 Circumstances

You’re not the only person scrambling, college admissions officers are too. Adjustments will have to be made in these unprecedented times. Colleges and universities understand that. 

The National Association for College Admission Counseling and the International Association for College Admission Counseling presidents have already encouraged all members to “be mindful of the impacts of the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak on students, families, staff, and colleagues.” 

Because many high schools are going to pass/fail this semester, SAT and ACT exams have been postponed or canceled, and extracurricular activities have been suspended, admissions counselors will have to take these accommodations under consideration. 

Keep Studying

Your SAT or ACT exams might be postponed, but you’ll still have a future opportunity to take the test. The previous work you’ve done to prepare with a high-quality online learning tool isn’t wasted. You’ve built up a solid foundation upon which to build. Use your time in quarantine wisely to continue preparing. 10-20 practice questions a day is a great way to pass the time and build up your test preparedness. The added weeks of study can actually be a blessing in disguise. 

Seize this Opportunity

While others might be sitting around binging Tiger King, this is your Carpe Diem moment. Seize the day! 

What is something you can do in your community during this pandemic to show leadership and social responsibility? Your extracurricular activities may be suspended, but the chance to display philanthropic generosity has never been greater. 

When your college admissions officer asks what you did during the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t let this be you:

Life Will Return to Normal

It’s been said that tough times don’t last but tough people do. That’s 100% true. Don’t let this time of social distancing distance you from your work ethic, your study plan, or your dream to get into your target college or university. Things will return to normal eventually (even if it’s a “new normal”). Keep working hard. Keep studying. Keep preparing for success. You’re going to have quite the story to tell when this is all over.  

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