Hilarious Grammar Fails You Might Want to Avoid

silently judging your grammar
Happy National Grammar Day! It’s the day we gatekeepers of grammar get to celebrate our punctuation prowess. Check out these hilarious grammar fails.
silently judging your grammar
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Happy National Grammar Day! It’s the day we gatekeepers of grammar get to celebrate our punctuation prowess. 

All year long, we’ve endured rage from the uninformed… 

  • When you replied on Twitter, telling Steve it’s “you’re” not “your,” he rudely blocked you. 
  • When you pointed out the fact that Karen’s meme was missing a comma, she called you the “grammar police.”
  • And that day you corrected your teacher’s sentence structure on the whiteboard? Well, Mr. Fraley hasn’t called on you since. 

But those days are over. Today is different. Today, you are celebrated. Elevated. Appreciated! 

What are you going to do to commemorate the big day? Leave last PERIOD early? DASH home immediately? (Sorry, I’ll show myself out.)

But before I go, check out these epic grammar fails. 

bad grammar - we remember all who have served hot breakfast
Never forget.
Bad grammar - if door doesn't close properly. giggle the door knob. thanks.
Just a giggle or a full laugh?
How can this even . . .
bad grammar - violators will be towed and find $50
Who says crime doesn’t pay?
bad grammar - sam your a disappointment
Thanks, Mom
bad grammar - toilet only for disabled elderly pregnant children
That is extremely specific.
bad grammar - illegally parked cars will be fine
Wait? So we’re good?
bad grammar - no smoking food or beverages permitted in the clinic
Obviously. Smoking your food in the clinic is just rude.
I think the death threat chased her away, bro.
bad grammar - imagine more snacks than you can imagine
Not really a grammar problem, but that just blew your mind, didn’t it?

Enjoy National Grammar Day! Let the future writers, editors, and proofreaders of Earth rejoice. (Yes, I used the Oxford comma. It’s my choice. Just let it go.)

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