ACT® Fee Waiver: How to Take the Test for Free?

Saving money on the ACT with an ACT fee waiver
Don’t let financial burdens stop you from taking the ACT®! Now you can take the test for free with ACT fee waiver—Check out this blog if you are eligible for the waiver.
Saving money on the ACT with an ACT fee waiver
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Most college admission applications and standardized tests can be expensive, thus becoming an obstacle for many students on their path to college. If these fees are burdensome to you, consider applying for an ACT® fee waiver. The ACT offers a fee waiver program that covers the standard registration fee, late fees, and other benefits. In this blog, we will discuss ACT fee waiver eligibility, how to request a waiver, and use it while registering for the test.

Benefits of ACT fee waivers

Benefits of ACT Test Fee Waivers

There are many benefits that the ACT offers to students who are eligible for getting a fee waiver. If you qualify:

  1. You can take one free ACT test, with or without writing on a national testing date.
  2. You will have free access to the ACT learning resources like on-demand tutorials, practice tests and more.
  3. You can choose to send one free score report to your high school and six free score reports to colleges when you register for the test. 
  4. You can order unlimited free score reports, after your test registration is complete.
  5. You can request to waive your admission application fee by submitting your ACT fee waiver to your prospective colleges.

While making an ACT fee waiver request, keep the following things in mind:

  • You can receive a maximum of four fee waivers and one fee waiver can be used once only.
  • In case you registered using a fee waiver and do not take the test, the same fee waiver may be used to cover your registration fee in future: however, you will be responsible for the cost associated with changing your test date.
  • You cannot use a fee waiver to receive a refund on a previously paid test fee.
  • Requests raised on letterheads, and forms that are altered, copied, or obsolete will be rejected.

Who Is Eligible for the ACT Fee Waiver?

To meet the ACT fee waiver eligibility requirements, you must:

  1. Be a current grade 11 or 12 student.
  2. Take the test in the US, US territories, or Puerto Rico.
  3. Meet at least one of the following financial conditions:
    • Be a part of the federal free or reduced-price lunch program at school.
    • Be a part of programs for the financially disadvantaged such as GEAR UP or Upward Bound.
    • Reside with a foster family, are a state ward, or homeless.
    • Reside in federally subsidized public housing with family, receiving low-income public assistance.
    • Annual income of the family is at or below the levels set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.

Can you use a fee waiver for late ACT registration?

Yes, your ACT fee waiver will cover the late registration fee. However, fees for any changes to your test registration such as date change or test center change will not be covered with the fee waiver.

Can international students receive ACT fee waivers?

ACT fee waivers may be available for international students only if they are taking the test in the US, US territories, or Puerto Rico. To read about the policies and guidelines that apply for international test takers, read our ACT guide for international students.

Are homeschooled students eligible to receive ACT fee waivers?

Yes, homeschool students are eligible for a fee waiver. As fee waivers are ordered through a school, homeschooled students will have to contact a local school district to get one.

How to Get an ACT Fee Waiver Code?

Since the fee waivers are ordered through schools, the school counselor will review your documents and check for eligibility. If you qualify, your school counselor will give you an ACT fee waiver code. Note that you may be granted up to four fee waivers. While registering for the ACT test, you will need to use your fee waiver code to take the test for free.

How do you accept ACT fee waivers?

Once you receive your ACT fee waiver, you need to visit the ACT official website and follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your My ACT account.
  2. As you register for your test, enter the serial number printed on the top right corner of your fee waiver.
  3. Click “Submit” to accept the fee waiver.

Can you use the ACT fee waiver when registering by mail?

The ACT no longer provides the option of registering for the test by mail. If students don’t wish to register or request for a fee waiver online, they will have to contact the ACT directly to learn about their options.

Do ACT fee waivers expire?

Yes, fee waivers are valid every year through August 31.

Do you automatically get a fee waiver for college applications if you received one for the ACT?

No, you do not automatically get a fee waiver for college admission applications if you received one for your ACT test. You may request a waiver for your college application fee by submitting your ACT fee waiver to the colleges of your choice. The colleges may consider your request; however, it is not required.

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