4 Reasons to Join a Study Group

4 Reasons to Join a Study Group
Forming study groups is a very effective strategy for enhancing learning especially when studying for exams like the SAT or ACT. The following are the benefits of joining a study group.
4 Reasons to Join a Study Group
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When it comes time to prepare for a test, especially a high-stakes test like the SAT® or ACT® exam, many students ask this common question…

Should I join a study group? 

If you’re asking yourself that same question, consider that there are several ways you can prepare for an exam:

  1. Hire a professional tutor
  2. Take practice tests
  3. Use online test prep written by content experts
  4. Join a study group
  5. Sleep with the textbook under your pillow

With the obvious exception of #5, all of these study methods have merit and can be beneficial when you’re preparing for a test like the SAT or ACT exam. In fact, your best study plan will be a combination of two or more of these practices so you’re confident on test day.

For example, joining a study group in addition to online test prep written by content experts is a great way to prep for your test! 

So, yes, joining a study group is a pretty good idea. Here are four reasons why…

You Can Learn New Ways to Study

When you study with other students, you gain insight into other ways to study. You might have always been a “flashcard” kind of studier, but now you’re sitting down with a new friend who has developed great auditory study techniques. Who knows? You might pick up some useful tricks and tips.

Be open to observe how others study and see if any of those study habits could be beneficial in your test prep. Collaboration is important in all areas of life, even studying for a high-stakes exam. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions, share information, and learn from the other students in your study group.

It’s a Cure for Procrastination

I’m sure you don’t have a problem with procrastination, but many other students do. After all, it’s really easy to put off that study session when you only have to answer to yourself. There’s always something — a Netflix special, a video game, your social media feed, that bag of Cheetos® — more urgent than cracking open the books. But . . . 

When you know you’re meeting with your study group every Thursday, you’re more inclined to stay on the study schedule you’ve set for yourself. I mean, who really wants to stand in front of their peers and explain they ate an entire bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos® instead of reviewing chapter five? *no one raises their hand*

Studying Made Fun

Yes, believe it or not, studying can be fun. A study group gives you a good space to engage with other test-takers and work toward a common goal. Though it is important to stay on task and maximize your study time, there will still be fun moments and lots of laughs. When you work together as a team, you’ll enjoy the test-prep journey and have new friends with whom to celebrate every win. 

It’s Great Practice for Future Adulting

Peer interaction, group dynamics, team building, project management — these elements are present in study groups and almost any career you might choose to pursue. A study group is great practice for your post-college career! The social lessons that come from working with others toward a common goal are an often overlooked side-benefit of joining a study group.

Let’s say you’re in an SAT or ACT exam study group. One of your group members may have already taken the exam and has some practical experience to offer. You and another group member might share the responsibility of moderating your study sessions. Yet another member of your study group might teach you a study strategy you haven’t thought of before. And most importantly, one other member shows up with pizza. 

Think about what just happened… 

  1. You listened and gained first-hand knowledge from a colleague 
  2. You worked in a dual leadership position toward a common goal
  3. You trained across departments, widening your base of knowledge 
  4. Annnnnd you had a party

This is daily life in offices all over the country! Your study group is preparing you for corporate collaboration in a fun and productive way. 

A study group is a great tool for test prep, but don’t make it your only tool. UWorld offers online test prep complete with challenging questions that mimic your SAT or ACT exam, detailed explanations for content mastery, performance tracking to identify areas for improvement, and accurate score predictors for your upcoming exam. Sign up for a FREE seven-day trial today!

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