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How to Self-Study for the SAT®

Are you ready to conquer the SAT® on your own terms? It’s time to take charge of your prep journey! This guide will equip you with the essential strategies to master the SAT through self-study. From pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses to curating the ultimate study arsenal, we’ll walk you through every step of the process.

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How Is the SAT® Essay Scored?

How Is the SAT® Essay Scored?

Get insights on how do officials score SAT essays, the skills tested in SAT essay exams, and the factors considered by exam officials while judging and scoring your essay.

How to Send Scores to Colleges

How to Send Scores to Colleges

Get guidance on how to send your SAT score to different colleges, the number of free submissions allowed, and how to use score choice to improve your admission chances.

SAT exam sheet with corrections after receiving SAT Score verification

How to Verify Your SAT® Score

When you score less than expected, try SAT® score verification! Read about SAT Question and Answer Service, Student and Answer Service and more.

How Is the SAT® Exam Scored?

How Is the SAT® Exam Scored?

Learn about sections present in SAT and how your marks are scored. Get answers to common questions like Is there a penalty for guessing? What is the raw score? How

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