Month: July 2021

student studying on laptop and from books kept over table with coffee mug, over plain white background.

How To Study for the SAT® Exam at Home

Study for the SAT® at home by setting a routine, making a study space, taking practice exams, and joining a study group. Learn more about staying focused while studying for SAT at home in this article.

Smiling girl student taking notes for better memorization while studying

How To Prepare For SAT® Reading

Looking for how to prepare for the SAT® reading? To get complete guidance on types of SAT reading questions, best ways to read & practice. Read this now!

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The Complete Prep Guide for SAT® Writing

“Learn about what is tested on the SAT writing section, how to prepare for it and equip yourself with general grammar and punctuation rules to do well in the SAT writing section”

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