How To Approach AP® United States Government And Politics
Multiple-Choice Questions

Section I of the AP® US Gov exam consists of 55 multiple-choice questions (MCQ), which you’ll have 80 minutes to answer. These questions cover all units from the AP® US Gov course. However, note that questions from Unit 2 will appear most frequently and those from Unit 4 least frequently in this section.

About half of the MCQs are stimulus-based, requiring you to interpret or analyze passages, graphs, charts, and possibly even political cartoons to provide an answer. The other questions do not have a stimulus, but they often briefly describe a scenario that requires you to infer or apply a concept from the course. Each question has four answer choices.

How to Approach AP U.S. Government and Politics Multiple-Choice Questions

Each type of AP U.S. Gov MCQ will test your ability to apply your knowledge of political principles and processes correctly. For stimulus-based MCQs (about half of them), be sure to read the title and author/source of the stimulus—these are important details that help you better understand the meaning of the source. For non-stimulus MCQs, identify key terms in the question to help recall important course-related concepts.

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Illustration of voter registration laws.

AP United States Government and Politics Multiple-Choice Examples

How can I practice AP U.S. Government MCQs?

One of the best ways to improve your AP U.S. Government and Politics MCQ score is to practice by answering many questions. Create a dedicated AP U.S. Government and Politics study guide and incorporate regular practice sessions into it. That way, you can make them part of your study habits and become more familiar with the kinds of information typically asked for and the language that is often used. It is a good idea at first to practice answering the questions at your own pace so you can think carefully about the answers. After you have developed your confidence and skill, it is wise to practice answering the questions at a pace similar to what you will experience on the exam: about one-and-a-half minutes per question.

An excellent way to review what you’ve learned and sharpen your skills is to take UWorld’s AP U.S. Government and Politics practice tests. It contains multiple-choice questions very similar to the actual exam questions. UWorld provides explanations to help you understand why the right answers are right and the wrong answers are wrong. Knowing how to determine where you may have made a mistake in choosing an answer helps you avoid that mistake in the future. Additionally, the UWorld AP U.S. Government and Politics multiple-choice question bank gives you the option to practice with or without a timer.

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Illustration of the enumerated vs implied powers of Congress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AP U.S. Gov MCQ answers are computer-graded, and only correct answers are scored. Because there is no loss of points for incorrect answers, it is always best to take a guess rather than leave a question unanswered.


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