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It’s not just a test — it’s an opportunity.

Students’ readiness for college and career depends on more than just a test score. However, obtaining the highest score possible on the ACT or SAT exam does create opportunity. 

Students who excel on these tests see higher college acceptance rates, have more options for scholarships and financial aid, and will be better equipped to reach their career goals.

So, while a score isn’t everything, it can be an important first step toward realizing their dreams.

Welcome to UWorld, where we make really hard stuff easy to understand!

Our unique preparation tools for the SAT and ACT exams focus on research-based preparation strategies that improve engagement, retention, and critical thinking skills. With UWorld, students actively learn information and are able to recall critical concepts on exam day. 

Why partner with us?

We work with educators to help students achieve high exam scores with proven methods of preparation that improve retention rates and aid in critical thinking.


Thousands of challenging questions mirror the ACT & SAT exams in style, format, and difficulty so that students know exactly what to expect on test day.


Detailed explanations for every question and answer ensure students aren’t just learning test-taking tricks, they are learning the concepts needed for test success.


Easy-to-interpret data dashboards help you track usage, identify areas of weakness, and compare results so data-driven decisions can be made.

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The Path to Success Starts with Practice

UWorld also offers a free PSAT/NMSQT® practice test directly to students. Whether they are aiming for a National Merit Scholarship® or starting their SAT exam preparation early, using our practice test will help them reach their goals.