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We Make Really Hard Stuff Easy to Understand

UWorld is dedicated to ensuring that students are successful on their path to college and beyond. We will work with you to customize an innovative and easy-to-administer solution that fits your college readiness needs.
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Why partner with us?

We work with educators to help students achieve high exam scores with proven methods of preparation that improve retention rates and aid in critical thinking.


Perfectly modeled questions and answer choices that ensure rigor and alignment to current courses and tests.


Clear, concise answer explanations and illustrations that help students understand and retain information.


Comprehensive reporting to monitor progress and usage in order to identify gaps and celebrate success.

Backed by Research

UWorld’s College Readiness learning tools align with research on providing practice with elaborated, explanatory feedback to promote recall and enhance learning. Read an independently written research paper to learn how UWorld helps students prepare for the most important exams of their academic career.

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