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Dedicated to promoting economic and environmental sustainability in Vietnam, Vo Trong Nghia Architects created a checkerboard design for FPT University Hanoi's administrative building that is unusual but efficient. Shaped like a dragon, the building faces the prevailing wind, and large trees on each balcony help cool the airflow, reducing the need for air conditioning. Although the building's unconventional concrete façade seems like it would hold heat and increase energy use, university officials report power savings when compared with the costs of powering its previous administrative building.

Which choice best states the main idea of the text?

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A. The dragon-shaped design of a building like the one created by Vo Trong Nghia Architects makes it unique but impractical.
B. Creating unconventional features like the ones in the administrative building designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects is the most sustainable plan for lowering Vietnam's power costs.
C. University officials have long promoted the structures of environmental designers such as Vo Trong Nghia Architects.
D. Although unusual, the design of the administration building by Vo Trong Nghia Architects has reduced the university's energy use.
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