Tips for Applying to Schools That Accept SAT® Superscores

Tips for Applying to Schools That Accept SAT® Superscores

There are some great benefits to superscoring your SAT® test scores. If the schools you are applying to request your highest score from each section of the SAT exam, here are some things you can consider as you strategize and study. 

Look at Score Reports for Each School’s History of Acceptances

A school’s general scoring threshold for acceptance can help you gauge how much improvement is necessary as you study for each section of the SAT exam. While these reports often show averages and vary immensely, it can help get an idea of what scores led to an acceptance. An opportunity to superscore your results can provide you with multiple chances to reach that school’s average accepted score range.

Take the SAT Test Early

You want to give yourself enough time to build up your scores. Give yourself enough time to test as much as you need to feel comfortable sending scores to schools. 

Starting at the beginning of your junior year of high school will give you ample time to test multiple times, without having to worry about testing in the same months you will be working on and submitting college applications. 

Work Across Multiple Test Dates

The most significant benefit of the superscore process is the chance to retake the exam while focusing on specific sections. One test date can be spent pursuing your highest Writing and Reading score, while another test date can concentrate mainly on the Math score. Superscoring takes the pressure off of your composite score. 

Focus on One Section at a Time

Working section by section is super efficient for your studying schedule. Rather than being weighed down by the entire exam, you may strategize by studying hard for Math before one test date and Reading and Writing for the next one. 

If you are stronger in one test section than others, you may also retake the exam a couple of extra times to focus on improving that section alone. When a school allows you to send the highest scores for each section, your weaker performance areas benefit from the dedicated time for improvement without worrying about bringing down your composite score.

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