International Registration for the SAT® Exam

International Registration for the SAT® Exam

International Registration

International registration rules and regulations apply to anyone testing outside of the U.S. and U.S. territories.


Use the College Board website to find out when the SAT® test is offered internationally. Remember, as you prepare to submit registration forms and pay your fees, the deadlines listed by the College Board fall on 11:59 ET, U.S. There is no late registration for international testing. Note that deadlines vary for mail-in dates, online dates, and telephone dates.

Get Help Registering with an International Representative

International representatives can help you register for the exam, offer customer service in your language, and collect the various fees. While working with an international representative, you will need to complete a paper registration, which they will submit by the proper deadlines. Representatives must be authorized by the College Board. You can find one based on your location through the College Board website. If you register for the exam using an unauthorized representative, you will be denied.


Here are some additional policies you should be aware of as a student testing internationally:

  • If you are traveling to another country to test, you must use a passport as your ID at the testing location.
  • Requirements for testing vary based on your location. Find your region’s requirements on the College Board website. 
  • Because the College Board is a United States-based corporation, certain economic sanctions, regulations, and laws may restrict a person from testing.
    • The currently sanctioned persons or programs can be found by calling the College Board’s customer service line or through the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.


Fees also vary by location, and you may have to cover additional costs if you register by phone or with an international representative. Certain test centers require additional fees, like waitlisting fees. You may also have to pay a fee for making changes in your registration. Additional score reports and score services like the Student Question and Answer Service or score verification services require additional costs.  

Special Circumstances

Accommodations or special registration processes are available to students who have testing disabilities, are homeschooled, younger than 12, older than 21, requesting to test on a Sunday, or waitlisted.

Testing with Disabilities

The most common way to obtain accommodations for testing is through your school. If you have a documented disability, you may qualify for additional time, extra or longer breaks between sections, and reading or seeing accommodations.

Policies and Deadlines

Start planning early, as it can take more than two months for testing accommodations to be approved. 

Approval from the College Board is required for testing accommodations to be made. If a student utilizes testing accommodations without the College Board’s approval, their scores will be canceled. 

If you submitted an accommodation approval to the College board before, you don’t need to be reapproved for another exam.

Registering for the SAT Test

After your request for accommodations has been approved, you will receive an SSD Eligibility Code to input on your online registration form. If you are registering by mail, you will be required to send your SSD Eligibility Letter as well.

Check your testing ticket on test day, as it should note your accommodations on it. If your testing ticket does not have your accommodations indicated on it, call the College Board. If you are waiting for your accommodations to be approved for an upcoming test date, you can register as a standard test taker and wait for your updated admission ticket once your request has been approved.

Homeschooled Students

Registration Tips

  • Homeschooled students can register for the SAT exam online or through the mail. 
  • You will need to input a high school code. For all homeschooled students, the high school code is 970000.
  • You can apply for a fee waiver from a counselor at a local high school.
  • You must have a photo ID on testing day.
    • If you do not have a photo ID, follow the College Board’s steps to fill out a Student ID Form.

Younger Students

If you are under the age of 12 or in the eighth grade or below, you will have to follow these registration guidelines:

  • If you are 12 years old or younger, you must register over the phone or through the mail. Phone registration fees are waived for students 12 years old or younger.
  • If you are 13 years old or older, you may create an account and register online with the College Board. 
  • Students in the eighth grade or below do not need to include a photo with their registration forms but will need a photo ID on test day.

If you are testing for a Talent Search program, find additional documents to submit with your registration forms through the program’s website.


If you are in the eighth grade or below, your scores will expire at the end of the school year. To secure the scores on your record, you must alert the College Board before August of the year you took the SAT test.

Over the Age of 21

If you are over the age of 21, you need to follow these registration requirements:

  • An official government-issued photo ID that is easily identifiable as you.
  • Student ID cards and expired IDs are not valid. 
  • The name on your ID must match the name on your admission ticket.
  • You may not be waitlisted if you are over 21 years old. 

Testing on a Sunday

If you are unable to test on Saturdays for religious reasons, you may request to take the exam on a Sunday.


  • You must send an official letter from a religious leader to the College Board’s Customer Service.
  • Register by selecting a standard test date that falls on a Saturday, then request Sunday testing through College Board’s customer service. When the official letter from a religious leader is approved, your registration will be adjusted to Sunday.


You may request to join the SAT test waitlist if you missed a registration deadline or did not have enough time to resubmit an unprocessed paper registration. 

NOTE: The waitlist is not a guaranteed spot to take the exam.

How It Works

  • Request to join the waitlist online up to five days before the exam through your College Board account. 
  • Students are admitted first come, first served. 
  • Testing materials and seating must allow space for additional test-takers.

Policies for Test Day

  • Decisions for admitting waitlisted students are made by test center coordinators.
  • Foreign photo IDs are not permitted. 
  • Print a waitlist ticket and bring it with you. 

Additional Restrictions

  • Fees cannot be waived.
  • To waitlist for a Sunday testing day, you must have taken a test on Sunday one time prior.
  • You may not be waitlisted for SAT Language with Listening Subject Tests. 
  • Certain countries do not allow students to apply for the waitlist. 
  • You may not be older than 21. 
  • Certain accommodations may not be available to waitlisted test takers, regardless of whether you were approved to test with accommodations.
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