3 Stranger Things About the SAT®

3 Stranger Things About the SAT®

Magnets aren’t magnetizing? Fertilizer for food? Hopper in Hawaiian shirts? Strange things are once again afoot in the not-so-sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana. But El and the gang don’t hold a monopoly on “strange.” Just consider these facts about the SAT:

1. SAT is an acronym for . . . nothing.

*camera pans slowly across the room, showing confused and suspicious glances from our protagonists*

Originally, SAT stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test, and it was later changed to Scholastic Assessment Test. Both of these titles received criticism, so now the letters SAT might as well be in Russian because they mean nothing.

2. The SAT was first used by . . . the military.

*eerie background music swells*

That’s right. The SAT was originally used, not for college readiness, but as an Army IQ test in the early 1900s. Hmm. That seems so upside down, doesn’t it?

3. Some interesting test prep comes from . . . vampires.

(Ok, vampires aren’t exactly the Mind Flayer, but still kinda creepy.)

There are novels on the market — such as Vampire Dreams — written for teenage readers which showcase thousands of vocabulary words regularly used on the SAT. Who knew vampires could be so helpful?

When you’re done hanging out at the mall, riding your bike across town, or fighting the Cold War, let UWorld help you prepare for the SAT. Our challenging questions, detailed explanations, and digital performance tracking will help you hit your target score. Put that ice cream scoop down and start prepping to get into your dream college today.

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